Trump wants to cap refugee numbers at record low

Trump wants to cap refugee numbers at record low

Trump wants to cap refugee numbers at record low

"Today, with one clear voice, the United States of America calls upon the nations of the world to end religious persecution".

Advocates fear a Trump administration plan to cut the number of refugees to the us could leave people fleeing countries like Syria stranded.

Essentially basically based mostly on Corcoran, the considerable questions encompass, "Wlisted below are [the refugees] going to work, will we accumulate an industry here that needs these staff, how great subsidized housing will we accumulate, what's our college machine, will we accumulate sufficient skill in our college machine?"

Submitted to Congress, the plan prompted significant blowback from human rights groups and Democrats who say the US has a responsibility to help refugees fleeing natural disasters, starvation and war.

'The current burdens on the us immigration system must be alleviated before it is again possible to resettle large number of refugees, ' the State Department said.

The administration suggested that lowering refugee admission numbers was related to high migration anticipated at the southern border.

"A halt to resettlement means many refugees in our communities will be left without casework expertise that is key to success in their integration-undermining the documented potential of refugees to realize and contribute", the IRC said.

The current level of 30,000 is already the lowest since the programme's inception in 1980, while the number stood at nearly 85,000 when Trump's predecessor Barack Obama left office.

Calling the U.S.'s refugee resettlement program an "essential lifeline" to "vulnerable refugees at a time of unprecedented global crisis", Miliband said: "historic bipartisan support for this program-providing safety for persecuted people-has demonstrated US values in action".

The new cap reserves spots for certain people, in keeping with America's security and foreign policy priorities.

The official said the allocations prioritized people who have been persecuted for their religious beliefs, Iraqis who have assisted the United States, nationals of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, and 7,500 other refugees not covered by the other categories.

"It is an unspeakable setback for refugee mothers who wish to see their children in school, parents who wish to work and support their family, and children who deserve a chance at life that isn't exclusively defined by the instability and the trauma of their childhood".

Beyond the White House, some prominent evangelical Christians who have supported Trump's agenda are seeking to stanch the ebb of refugee admissions.

"The administration for two years in a row has established the annual refugee admissions target at an embarrassingly low number that betrays America's values and abandons our leadership role in providing safety to refugees who are most in need of resettlement", Democratic Sens.

"The fact is, the USA has the capacity to accept far more refugees than this".

The group dismissed arguments that the US lacks the capacity to adequately vet and settle refugees, calling this "a purely political decision".

Earlier this week, flights for some refugees who were approved to come to the United States were canceled. And, you know, other groups like Amnesty International, you know, echoed that.

With the administration spotlighting its commitment to global religious freedom, the cuts to admissions of refugees whose lives can be threatened due to their faith strikes advocates as particularly glaring.

After three consecutive cuts to refugee admissions levels, the US administration's diminishment of the resettlement program will have considerable consequences for communities around the United States.

Jewish refugee advocacy group Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society said in a statement Trump was "playing to fear rather than showing strength". The AP is exclusively responsible for this content.

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