Welch, Stefanik question Maguire over whistleblower complaint

Welch, Stefanik question Maguire over whistleblower complaint

Welch, Stefanik question Maguire over whistleblower complaint

"Did you speak to the president about the complaint?".

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday that six committees would investigate Trump for impeachment over the call and his suggesting that Zelenskiy investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. "I have every reason to believe that they have done everything by the book and followed the law".

Biden has denied any wrongdoing and condemned what he called conspiracy theorizing by Trump and the president's supporters.

Maguire said that he could not "divulge privileged conversations that I have as the Director of National Intelligence with the president".

The complaint alleges a number of offenses on the part of Trump and USA officials. And the whistleblower says in the complaint that the information comes from more than a dozen US officials over the past four months.

But it appears the Democrats may have helped them with the way they handled Director Maguire's hearing.

The whistleblower also has "subject matter expertise related to much of the material information" in the complaint, Atkinson wrote.

A US House of Representatives committee will hear closed-door testimony from the intelligence community's inspector general on October 4, a congressional official said yesterday.

And what the whistleblower says is that after the July 25 phone call with Ukrainian president, White House officials tried to lock down all records of that call.

"This interference includes, among other things, pressuring a foreign country to investigate one of the president's main domestic political rivals". There are some big names to talk to, potentially Attorney General William Barr, president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Inspector General Michael Atkinson deemed the complaint credible and forwarded it to acting director of national intelligence Joseph Maguire.

The whistleblower said in the complaint, which was released to the public on Thursday morning, that United States officials had told them that Trump was "using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 USA election".

On Friday, however, a top White House official acknowledged to Fox News that lawyers did order the Ukrainian records into the more-secured system. He said the transcript was "loaded into a separate electronic system that is used to store and handle classified information of an especially sensitive nature".

Laws like the Whistleblower Protection Act and the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act protect federal government employees who report violations of the law and other abuses, preventing federal agencies from retaliating against employees who report that information. Another Fake News Story! In July 2018, Mr. Trump stood by Mr. Putin in Helsinki and said he didn't "see any reason" why Russian Federation would have been behind the hacks. "Another Witch Hunt!", the president tweeted. "No it's not partisan politics, this is based on trying to protect our country, this is about trying to make sure the rule of law is respected, and I think that's why we saw a lot Democrats come out for an impeachment inquiry because they know the one way we're going to get to the bottom of this is an investigation".

"This whistleblower complaint is a still-smoking gun - containing stark, stunning evidence of ongoing criminality and cover-up", said Sen.

The committee is beginning a full investigation of the complaint.

The schism between President Trump and the USA intelligence community widened this week after a whistleblower accused the president of using the power of his office to solicit help from a foreign government for his re-election effort.

Days before he was inaugurated, the intelligence community concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered a campaign to influence the outcome of the 2016 election, with a "clear preference" for Mr. Trump, to undermine public faith in the US democratic process.

One exception was Rep. Mike Turner of OH, who said, "Concerning that conversation, I want to say to the president - this is not OK".

Trump on Tuesday admitted to temporarily withholding almost $400 million in military aid to Ukraine meant to ward off Russian aggression, but said he did so because he wished other countries to help with aid to Ukraine.

KING: Yeah, will the whistleblower testify, right? "Just sayin", Murphy tweeted on Thursday.

Any whistleblower must signal his or her complaint to the inspector general, who has 14 days to review it.

Nunes also called the complaint and press coverage of it an "information warfare operation" against the president.

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