Meghan Markle visits memorial to murdered South African teen

Meghan Markle visits memorial to murdered South African teen

Meghan Markle visits memorial to murdered South African teen

The leadership and strength shown by these women is remarkable, and at a time when the issue of gender and gender-based violence is at the forefront of people's minds, I hope their voices will resonate and not only give comfort but also create change'.

"Simi kunye kulesisimo" - "We stand together in this moment", the post opened.

Angola welcomed Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, Sowetan agency reports.

Mrwetyana's murder is just one of a handful of recent cases that sparked widespread demonstrations throughout the nation.

A post on the royals' Instagram account called the death "a critical point in the future of women's rights in South Africa" and said the visit was "personally important" to Meghan.

Meghan Markle joined her husband Prince Harry for a few minutes via Skype during his visit to CAMFED, a charity working to keep girls in school and provide them with a good education.

In writing about her trip to the site where the 19-year-old lost her life, the Duchess of Sussex also revealed she had been quietly meeting with activists during the royal tour to "deepen her understanding of the current situation and continue to advocate for the rights of women and girls".

"Please be aware that my spouse and I've been closely following what you have been experiencing this, as we could from afar", said Meghan, addressing young women in Cape Town's Nyanga township on Monday.

"I know there's somebody else you'd far rather hear from than me, hopefully if technology doesn't fail us you may see somebody on the screen", Harry told the students.

"I'm so happy to be with you, is there a delay?"

A 42-year-old male post office employee has been arrested over the murder of Ms Mrwetyana.

Adriano Goncalves, the head of the country's demining operations (CNIDAH), made the admission to reporters Saturday evening, following the visit of Britain's Prince Harry to observe mine-clearing work.

Harry, dressed more formally than usual in a light grey suit, met the couple at the presidential palace before visiting the Lucrecia Paim maternity hospital, where Angola's first lady has spearheaded a project focused on preventing mothers from transmitting HIV to their babies.

Speaking in the grounds of the institution which is undergoing renovation and aims to become Angola's national centre of excellence in orthopaedic care, the duke said: "This visit is obviously deeply personal and meaningful to me". "The program is aimed at making children all free to shine".

She is now on tour of southern Africa with her husband Harry, and son Archie, who made his public debut this week.

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