Robert De Niro: Trump Is 'Crazy'

Robert De Niro: Trump Is 'Crazy'

Robert De Niro: Trump Is 'Crazy'

De Niro attends a premiere for Joker at the Toronto International Film Festival. "We gotta get him out", De Niro said.

During the interview, De Niro also suggested that Trump, if voted out, would not leave office in 2020 without first alleging that the election was rigged - a theory that was first spouted by HBO comedian Bill Maher.

De Niro told Brian Stelter that Trump is worse than he ever could've imagined, crediting news outlets like CNN and The New York Times for their reporting in "a insane world".

Another wrote " My manz" and posted a gif from the movie Casino, in which De Niro's character stoically places a cigarette in his mouth.

"F*** 'em", De Niro replied. The day after he was elected, I said, well, give him a chance.

The master actor was then asked by Stelter if Trump was playing a part. But I think that it's - as I think some of these other pundits on Fox are, too, because I can't believe that they would actually buy into this craziness.

"This guy should not be president, period", he said.

Stelter quickly reminded De Niro that he was on live television. "A lot of criticism of you".

"We are in a moment in our lives, in this country, where this guy is like a gangster", De Niro said. He's come along, and he's said things, done things.

De Niro, who has made a career playing fearsome mafia figures and plays mob hitman Frank Sheeran in The Irishman, told Stelter that America was in a "terrible situation" under Trump's leadership. This is awful. We're in a bad situation.

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