Apple just released the third iOS 13 patch in a week

Apple just released the third iOS 13 patch in a week

Apple just released the third iOS 13 patch in a week

Additionally, Apple has rolled iOS 13.1.2 and iPadOS 13.1.2 update to fix bugs and upgrade performance. The update notes state iOS 13.1.2 fixes a few major bugs, including the flashlight or the camera not working.

WTF?! Apple's iOS 13 has had numerous issues since it launched. Apple also update watchOS 6.

Apple's new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone Pro Max rely on Smart HDR to combine multiple images and deliver you a photo that's rich in detail and dynamic range.

watchOS 6.0.1 also fixes an issue where the watch complication for the calendar app would not display any events, issues with the display calibration, and the aforementioned Mickey and Minnie Mouse glitch.

The US company has pushed-out an operating system update to the smartwatch created to fix performance, quash bugs, and improve security. The progress bar for iCloud Backup will no longer continue filling in after a successful backup, which sounds kind of vital. It was followed by version 13.1 five days later to fix various issues.

The initial release of iOS 13 was on September 19.

Version 13.1.2 of iOS is available as of today, check for it in Settings General Software Update.

Alongside the new iOS and iPadOS releases, Apple has brought watchOS 6.0.1.

Our own experiences have also borne this out, although we did have a 2-3 day "break-in" period during which battery life was abysmal, barely getting through a 12-hour day, before the Series 5 seemed to get onto a more normal cycle, even exceeding Apple's 18-hour specs in some cases with no special power optimization tweaks at all.

Another possible culprit was recently suggested as the new noise detection app in watchOS 6, which has the ability to run in the background to alert you to high noise levels.

You can download watchOS 6.0.1 to any Apple Watch model that's compatible with watchOS 6.0.

Despite the rapid updates to iPhone's and iPad's software, there are still things that remain broken for developers.

Apple Watch owners should update their smartwatch now.

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