Subway Opera Singer Plays Violin for Inside Edition

Subway Opera Singer Plays Violin for Inside Edition

Subway Opera Singer Plays Violin for Inside Edition

Los Angeles Police tweeted video showing a woman with a lovely singing voice in the subway along with the caption, "4 million people call LA home".

The video, which has racked up almost 300,000 views since it was posted late Thursday, shows the blond woman in pigtails singing a attractive rendition of a Puccini aria as she stands on a metro platform with a cart and several bags. "4 million people call LA home", the police department tweeted. "4 million voices...occasionally you appropriate have to shut and listen to 1, to hear one thing lovely".

Local news channels identified the woman as Emily Zamourka, 52, a classically trained violinist who immigrated from Russian Federation 28 years ago. However she declined them, asserting she wants to play a violin as special as the one who used to be destroyed, KABC-TV reported.

Zamouraka said she's sleeping on cardboard or wherever she can find a place to sleep.

KABC said Zamourka has no formal training as an opera singer and had been a teacher before she fell on hard times because of health issues.

The video of her performance has been viewed nearly 800,000 times since September 26 and people have been inspired to help her. "I'm napping where I will sleep ..."

"I want to thank him really very much because if he wouldn't do what he did, people would never know about me and my talent", she said.

But several years ago, the violin, which Zamourka said was worth thousands of dollars, was snatched and broken. She became homeless and started playing on the street after getting hit with massive medical bills. Zamourka informed KNBC-TV. "Because it sounds so great".

It's still unclear if Zamourka will accept, but this is just the latest of her exciting new prospects. When her $10,000 violin was stolen, she was left with only one instrument: her voice.

City Councilman Joe Buscaino's office is paying Zamourka to perform Saturday evening at the opening of Little Italy, an area in San Pedro celebrating Italian heritage.

"It was my income", Ms Zamourka told KNBC-TV.

One GoFundMe account is dedicated to buying her a new instrument.

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