United Kingdom could move on 'mechanism' of Northern Ireland consent-Brexit Secretary Barclay

United Kingdom could move on 'mechanism' of Northern Ireland consent-Brexit Secretary Barclay

United Kingdom could move on 'mechanism' of Northern Ireland consent-Brexit Secretary Barclay

After hours-long talks in Brussels on Friday failed to move the dial, a United Kingdom spokesman said: "We want a deal and talks continue on Monday on the basis of our offer".

Describing his blueprint for an agreement as a "practical compromise that gives ground where necessary", Mr Johnson said it represents the United Kingdom "jumping to the island in the middle of the river".

He says former Prime Minister John Major may have provided the answer to a conundrum repeatedly asked by news commentators over the last week.

"We need to get into the intensive negotiations.to clarify what the deal is", Barclay told the BBC.

"We will be packing our bags and walking out on" October 31, Boris Johnson wrote in The Sun on Sunday and Sunday Express newspapers.

"There will be no more dither or delay".

"In short this means that Johnson could use an order of the Privy Council to suspend the Law which would prevent a No Deal Brexit at the end of the month, by suspending the law coming into effect until after the 31st of October".

He claimed MPs from "every wing of the Conservative Party", Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party and from Labour have said "our proposed deal looks like one they can get behind".

"We will evaluate next Friday whether it's been possible to bring the positions closer".

Speaking in Dublin on Saturday evening, Mr Varadkar said next Friday would be a reasonable cut-off point to get a deal done ahead of the following week's summit in Brussels - though he added an extra 24 or 48 hours could be made available for last-minute talks.

"I could support a deal".

They said Johnson was prepared to "squat" in Downing Street even if MPs declare no confidence in his government and agree a caretaker prime minister to replace him.

Failure to reach a deal would set the United Kingdom on a course for constitutional showdown with few precedents: Johnson has promised to pull the country out of the EU on October 31 whether the talks succeed, while Parliament has already legislated to prevent him from taking United Kingdom out of the European bloc without a withdrawal agreement.

- A poll for the Independent by BMG Research suggested only one in five people believes Mr Johnson can secure a Brexit deal by October 31.

Brussels has said the plans "do not provide a basis for concluding an agreement".

Rutte tweeted he had told Johnson "important questions remain about the British proposals" and "there is a lot of work to be done ahead" of the summit.

They reportedly balked at Britain's request to keep initial discussions on the proposals going through the weekend, and they will resume Monday, with time running out ahead of the summit.

If thwarted, Johnson's best bet may lie with early elections - but those could only happen after the date he has said Brexit would happen.

Mr Day, referring to a video clip of a Commons exchange, said: "Conservative MP Philip Hollobone asks the Attorney General if the government can comply with the law and leave the European Union without a deal at the end of this month, to which he replies an emphatic "yes".

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