Sony PS4 Remote Play now open to all Android devices

Sony PS4 Remote Play now open to all Android devices

Sony PS4 Remote Play now open to all Android devices

If you want to stream compatible PS4 games on your mobile, Remote Play can now be used on smartphones and tablets running on Android 5.0 or higher (and not just Sony phones, as has previously been the case). With the latest update coming to the console, PS4 owners can enjoy an expanded social circle, even when they play away from their PlayStations.

Players will note the upgraded Party size that will double to accommodate 16 players once the update goes live, as well as better audio quality and network performance, thanks to back-end tweaks meant to take care of connectivity issues with other players.

Meanwhile, for iPhone or iPad users, the Remote Play App has been updated so you can now display the controller at all times and lock the screen orientation. For years this simple tool has allowed groups of friends to band together in other to communicate (over audio chat or text speak) while also being able to join each other's in game sessions.

The 7.00 update also brings a small benefit to iOS users as well: those who're running the new iOS/iPadOS 13 can now hook up their Dualshock 4 controllers to their iOS devices via Bluetooth.

PS4 7.00 system update is being released this week by Sony, with PlayStation 4 fans getting the major firmware download soon.

The Party feature on PS4 is also being improved with the new system software.

If you prefer the close-up convenience of playing PlayStation 4 games on a smartphone instead of your 4K TV, you now have a lot more options.

An iOS app was released in March 2019, and iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 is required for the DualShock 4 control pad feature. That said, regional availability still affects some features and, for the Remote Play, a wired LAN connection is advised.

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