Ted Cruz Hits NBA on China-Hong Kong Flap

Ted Cruz Hits NBA on China-Hong Kong Flap

Ted Cruz Hits NBA on China-Hong Kong Flap

"I watched this guy Steve Kerr and he was like a little boy who was so scared to be even answering the question".

Wang's social media post was published Sunday, a few days after longtime Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey sent a tweet in support of months-long anti-government protests in Hong Kong.

China, however, was pissed.

The Warriors coach didn't actually decline to comment, but rather said he'd rather inform himself first before giving an answer on such matter - which is what a lot of people should be doing before rushing to make unfounded and inaccurate comments. Chinese companies began abandoning the Rockets and TV networks said they would not show Rockets games in China.

And while the tweet was quickly deleted, the reaction from China has been swift and severe, with the Rockets going from one of the country's favorite teams to a blacklisted one nearly overnight. Many NBA coaches have remained largely mum on the current situation with China.

The Hong Kong protests were sparked by opposition to a bill allowing extradition to mainland China, but have evolved into broader calls for democracy.

Now, the dominoes are falling.quickly.

There's a lot at stake for the National Basketball Association. Some said they wouldn't buy Rockets gear unless Morey resigned.

A Wednesday afternoon news conference with both teams was indefinitely delayed, organizers said. He sides with the principles that we all hold dearly - or most of us did until the last three years - so I'm thrilled with what he said.

The NBA has prided itself on being the social conscience league, the league that has no issue with its players speaking out on American politics or police brutality, but when a league official criticizes a country that the league desperately wants to continue their fruitful financial relationship with, there's a problem. "We simply could not operate that way".

Some Chinese fans have asked for streaming subscription refunds from exclusive service provider Tencent, which halted broadcast of Rockets games after the Morey tweet.

To quote Cleo McDowell in Coming to America, "This is America, Jack".

Some advocates say the US should pull all business with China, despite the millions of dollars that may be at stake.

"I think that Commissioner Silver might have to do what everyone in our country doesn't want him to have to do", said Windy Dees, a sports marketing expert at the University of Miami. China's internet giant Tencent, which inked a five-year, $1.5 billion deal in August to stream National Basketball Association games in China, also announced that they will not play Rockets games. You can't support human rights in the United States, but back down overseas because it doesn't serve your financial interests.

The National Basketball Association continues to abase and disgrace itself (this was better, but still not almost sufficient), making clear that maintaining its lucrative gravy train to the huge Chinese market is more important than standing up for American values such as freedom of speech, small-'L' liberal institutions, and democracy. On Twitter? Have they bothered to check our President's Twitter feed lately or at all?

"When you tune into ESPN, we should be, we need to be covering those stories, if there is a connection to sports", he said.

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