PlayStation 5 To Be Released In 2020 With Awesome New Features

PlayStation 5 To Be Released In 2020 With Awesome New Features

PlayStation 5 To Be Released In 2020 With Awesome New Features

Despite it being our game of the show at E3 2019, will it be overshadowed by the numerous big games that are releasing around it, or will this extra development time pay off for the sequel?

Ryan also confirmed in the blog post that the PlayStation 5 will launch as soon as next year. This price would be below the launch price of PlayStation 3 ($599), which is one of the most expensive consoles of all time. Particularly for the controller, Sony will replace the current rumble technology with a more advanced variant it calls haptic feedback that will apparently offer a "broader range of feedback".

Sony says there'll be a bunch of changes PS5 will introduce.

Another advancement they're bringing for the controller is the adaptive triggers. Developers can programme the resistance of these triggers so that users can feel the tactile sensation of drawing a bow and arrow, for example, or of accelerating an off-road vehicle through rocky terrain. However, some details have been officially revealed recently, such as the hardware specs and other features that can help us figure out the approximate price of the new console. No word on a headphone jack yet, though.

How much will the PS5 cost? Although the GPU will support ray-tracing acceleration, it is not for sure how exactly the console will justify it in most titles.

Finally, Sony also mentions a "transparent mode" in the patent, which seems to imply that you will still be able to at least partially see the outside world while wearing the headset and navigating menus or sitting on the home screen before you actually jump into a game. It's exciting to see the two giants in gaming from the USA and Japan, Microsoft and Sony, respectively, going toe to toe in the markets once again. Still, if the console is expected to have games run in 4K than having it play movies is far from a bad thing.

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