Cool Things the Pixel 4 Can Do

Cool Things the Pixel 4 Can Do

Cool Things the Pixel 4 Can Do

When in fact there are tons of exciting new AI and machine learning features, camera controls, and cool things the Pixel 4 has to offer.

Google has confirmed the Pixel 4 smartphone, released this week, contains an issue whereby the Face Unlock system can allow access to a personal device even if their eyes are closed.

Google has also removed any mention of the option from the Face Unlock feature's support page, instead recommending that users keep their Pixel 4 phones "in a safe place, like your front pocket or handbag". This isn't a flaw or bug in Pixel 4's face unlock and there's no option to turn it off either.

Early versions of the Pixel 4 face unlock settings had a checkbox to "Require eyes to be open", but that is not present on review units or the shipping version. Google was then granted patent for Face Unlock features in Android and the technology has since evolved into what we know today.

The Face Unlock flaw was first discovered by BBC reporter Chris Fox, who demonstrated via Twitter how the Pixel 4's facial sensor was able to unlock the phone while pretending to be asleep. You're conscious, you're recalling this secret information, and you're typing it into the phone. Plenty of Android phones have face unlock presented as an option, but nearly all of them use the front-facing selfie camera to do it.

Apple's face unlock system, Face ID, is similar in that it could also be fooled by a lookalike. However, the company did talk about using Project Soli's MotionSense tech to start the process of unlocking the phone as soon as the user reaches for the phone.

The additional feature added to this year's Pixel phones is that both the devices feature a 90Hz max refresh rate that Google has termed 'Smooth Display for ultra-smooth scrolling and responsiveness. Google is going the same route as Apple with an IR-based 3D face unlock system. Google said it did so as the wide acceptance by consumers and developers it hoped for did not materialise.

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