A spy stole ISIS leader Baghdadi's underwear for DNA test, Kurds say

A spy stole ISIS leader Baghdadi's underwear for DNA test, Kurds say

A spy stole ISIS leader Baghdadi's underwear for DNA test, Kurds say

In the meantime, USA officials are starting to sift through material and other evidence collected at the compound before it was destroyed in an airstrike. Elite Special Operations forces have done so for years.

Trump has claimed credit for masterminding the operation that led to Baghdadi's death, but according to the SDF version, his withdrawal of USA forces led to a postponement of the operation. It also was viewed as an abandonment of the only USA ally in Syria, the Kurdish-led forces, who fought IS for years with the U.S-led coalition.

In 2011, the burial of bin Laden was conducted aboard aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in the North Arabian Sea in accordance with the terror mastermind's own religious customs, according to US officials.

"We are not releasing the name of the dog right now", Milley said.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The name is still classified but President Donald Trump on Monday outed the military working dog that tracked down the head of the Islamic State. About two hours later, the special forces team that lead the operation declared "jackpot" to announce they had killed the terrorist leader.

The breed is prized by the military for its intelligence and ability to be aggressive on command, said Ron Aiello, president of the United States War Dogs Association.

The General said the dog was recovering from its wound and had returned to duty at an undisclosed location.

The dog, part of the Army Delta force, which executed the raid, was believed to have been injured from an electrocution and is recovering, a USA defense official said.

Milley confirmed that photos and video of the raid are going through a "declassification process" for release in the coming days, but declined to reveal exactly what they showed, at what point during the mission they were taken or if any were shot from a camera mounted on the dog. "The dog is still in theatre", Milley said, using the term for military operations. The terrorist was located in a compound just a few miles from the Turkish border, in an area where Turkey has observation posts. It came as the US military bolsters its troop numbers in eastern Deir al-Zour province.

"Since 15 May, we have been working together with the Central Intelligence Agency to track Al Baghdadi and monitor him closely", Polat Can, a senior adviser to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, said on Twitter. Once the USA troops began to vacate key outposts near the Syrian-Turkish border, Turkey launched an assault targeting the Kurds, many of whom it views as terrorists with links to groups inside Turkey. The long-standing Authorization for Use of Military Force used for US counterterrorism operations allows the Pentagon to prevent "future acts of worldwide terrorism" but does not cover countries that had no role in the September 2001 terrorist attacks. Moreover, militants inspired by the IS "brand" carried out acts of terrorism in different parts of the world, responding to the call of a man who expropriated Islamic symbols and led an apocalyptic cult that was only defeated through the efforts of various states.

"That's our mission", he said. "We've secured the oil".

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