Xiaomi is introducing an "Apple Watch" clone next week

Xiaomi is introducing an

Xiaomi is introducing an "Apple Watch" clone next week

While the design may be inspired by the Apple Watch, it's safe to say that the Mi Watch is a stunning piece of hardware.

Per IDC, Xiaomi now occupies the second position in the global wearable market with a 12.6% share, with most of its growth fueled by fitness trackers such as its Mi Band 3.

Xiaomi isn't entirely new to the wearables space, considering it has used its sibling company Amazfit to produce smartwatches, but it may soon introduce a new piece of smart wristwear under the main "Xiaomi" brand name.

In addition to the shape of the smartwatch body, Xiaomi is also copying Apple's signature digital crown, as well as the position of the microphone and secondary button found on the side of the wearable device.

The render shows us the Xiaomi Watch in the two colors it will be available in - Elegant Black and Plated Silver.

On Monday we wrote about the company's upcoming 108-megapixel phone, but now the company has shared many more details (via XDA Developers) about the smartwatch that's about to be unveiled at the event.

There is a lot we already know about the Xiaomi Watch such as it being powered by a Snapdragon 3100 processor, having an eSIM, NFC, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth. In terms of the operating system, it is speculated to run on Google's Wear OS. This would also make Xiaomi Mi Watch the first WearOS smartwatch with this display design. It's unclear if there will be a non-cellular version of the Mi Watch as well, or if this will be the standard configuration Xiaomi launches the watch in.

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