Sturgeon confident Corbyn will allow IndyRef2 | Local News - Clyde 1

Sturgeon confident Corbyn will allow IndyRef2 | Local News - Clyde 1

Sturgeon confident Corbyn will allow IndyRef2 | Local News - Clyde 1

For us the reason why we are standing in this election to form a government is the country is facing a crisis over Brexit, the planet is facing a crisis over climate change, and this country needs to resolve some of the deep social and economic inequalities that we face and turn around our public services.

The Scottish leader has said she wants to hold a second referendum on Scotland's independence from the United Kingdom in 2020 and has pledged to take this request to the British government by the end of December.

"We must come out in numbers and vote in this election to escape the chaos and misery of Brexit, vote to put Scotland's future in Scotland's hands".

Jo Swinson launched former Tory Sam Gyimah's campaign in Kensington, where the party will be hoping Labour will struggle to hold on to a slim 20-vote lead.

"The future of our country is on the line", she said.

Arriving on stage just after 3pm, Ms Sturgeon said: "We are gathered here for one simple objective - that goal is to demand the right to choose a better future for our country".

"Down one path is a future that will be dictated to us by the likes of Boris Johnson".

Mr Corbyn told reporters: "We want to see Scotland's economy improve and the levels of poverty in Scotland, particularly in big cities, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, being reduced".

Labour's indications that they would not seek to stand in the way of such a mandate show that they understand the reality - which is that, whatever the bluster of recent times, attempts to block Scotland's democratic right simply can not stand.

We face a catastrophic Brexit which would cost jobs and do huge damage to Scotland as a nation.

"But whether there's a formal deal between Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage or not, everybody knows that the Tory Party is now morphing into the Brexit Party and that's the future unless Scotland positively and actively chooses an alternative, votes to escape the Brexit horror show and instead puts our future into our own hands".

She continued: "There is a much better alternative - and not a UK Labour Government that can't even make up it's mind where it stands on the question of Brexit".

Addressing Mr Johnson and UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Ms Sturgeon said: "Let me send a message to both of them. I just wish you two guys could get together - I think it would be a great thing".

Earlier on Saturday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had argued against Scottish independence, saying if he was voted into Downing Street £70 billion of capital spending money would come to Scotland, as well as extra cash for health and education.

Speaking ahead of the rally, he said: "The cause of Scottish independence must be broad and inclusive. He'd take you into such bad places".

Annie Wells, a Conservative MSP for Glasgow, said however, that the election was about "stopping Nicola Sturgeon from dividing our communities all over again" - and insisted only the Tories could achieve that.

The Tories criticised Nicola Sturgeon for prioritising indyref2 "above all else".

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