Kate McKinnon Shines As Impassioned Elizabeth Warren At Town Hall Rally

Kate McKinnon Shines As Impassioned Elizabeth Warren At Town Hall Rally

Kate McKinnon Shines As Impassioned Elizabeth Warren At Town Hall Rally

The Democratic Presidential candidate (played by Kate McKinnon) kicked off the cold open at an Iowa rally, aka her "natural habitat" of "a public school on a weekend". McKinnon's Warren says, "I could explain it to you but you'd die".

Rahm Emanuel, who was chief of staff for former Democratic President Barack Obama and previously called Medicare for All a "pipe dream", said Warren's campaign would be forever associated with the idea in the future, to its detriment.

She also jabbed at President Donald Trump's recent decision to move his permanent residence from Manhattan to Palm Beach, Florida.

Warren, on the campaign trail in Iowa on November 1, told reporters in response to a question about her plan for a government takeover of the healthcare industry, causing those who work in health insurance to lose their jobs because private insurance would be eliminated: "If you've had a chance to read the plan, you'll see: no one gets left behind".

"When Bernie was talking Medicare-for-all, everybody was like, 'oh, cool, ' and then they turned to me and were like, 'Fix it, mom!'" she said, referencing Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. "And I'll do it because that's what moms do". With dads you try to eat birthday cake for breakfast and then go to Six Flags.

When asked by reporters Friday about the Americans her plan negatively impacts - more than 600,000 Americans and their families - Warren claimed "no one gets left behind".

"Jeff Bezos is going to go from paying no tax to a tax", she said, comparing levies to the Amazon Prime fee and joking, "Unlike you, we can't just take it out of your debit card without warning".

"Duh. What did you think I was gonna do, hold up a gas station?" she asks. She has said the answer is to simply move people around.

Her last place was taxing the banks.

She also tackled how to get swing voters onboard with the idea of common healthcare.

At one point, she whipped out a poster featuring a dizzying collage of charts, graphs and numbers, ostensibly illustrating the cost breakdown. "And then I maintain your hand although you toss up in my purse", she explained.

Taking questions from the crowd, the first was about why it took so long for her to release her Medicare for All plan, to which she replied, "Thank you for bringing up healthcare, that is my despacito".

"Girl, listen to me, you need to leave him", she says as the woman broke down in tears.

McKinnon then flipped over a board that was cluttered with graphs, statistics and headlines.

Pete Buttigieg, the South Bend, Indiana mayor who is also running in the 2020 race, said the plan's total elimination of private insurance was too inflexible on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday morning. "This issue is not going to happen, and it is not the way you argue healthcare".

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