Microsoft's Chromium Edge Coming Jan 15: What You Need to Know

Microsoft's Chromium Edge Coming Jan 15: What You Need to Know

Microsoft's Chromium Edge Coming Jan 15: What You Need to Know

Microsoft's Edge browser is freshening things up with a new look, and it's a swirling blue-and-green design that to many calls to mind another thing that's gone out of style: Tide pods. This competitive backdrop adds some extra intrigue to Microsoft's shift, as Chromium rose to prominence partly due to its ties to Chrome. We guess Ignite this week would be a good place to reveal the full Chromium Edge experience. The browser will support more than 90 languages.

The edge surfing game that is secret is very similar to SkiFree Timeless skiing game that has been released for Windows as part of Microsoft's Entertainment Pack 3 back in 1991. Microsoft is making huge changes to Edge and hopes a fresh icon can clear Microsoft's tumultuous browser history.

"We are announcing a new insider risk management solution in Microsoft 365 to help identify and remediate threats stemming from within an organization", Microsoft said.

This includes an easier way for workers to search for information within their own companies, opening up the address bar to allow users to find co-workers, office locations, floor plans for a building, and even get definitions for company acronyms. This ability also is available on mobile search. Microsoft is applying the underlying Chromium Blink rendering know-how, but is replacing very a couple of Chromium products and services with Microsoft equivalents.

A new logo for Edge was also officially released today. Microsoft also is doing the job on an ARM 64-enabled edition of Chromium Edge and a Linux edition is likely, as properly. In an example, Mehdi showed more than 66 trackers loading on to a PC, but the browser blocks about 62 of them. That is exactly what would explain why it opted for the Chromium based browsers - an engine that powers the Google Chrome browser as well.

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