GOP senators ask State Dept for all records related to Hunter Biden

GOP senators ask State Dept for all records related to Hunter Biden

GOP senators ask State Dept for all records related to Hunter Biden

Tramontano, whose firm worked for Burisma, wanted to raise concerns about remarks made by Geoffrey Pyatt, then the US ambassador to Ukraine, condemning Burisma for corruption, according to the email, which states that Tramontano cited Burisma's ties to Hunter Biden.

Two Republican senators on November 6 requested documents and answers from the State Department related to the department's interactions with Hunter Biden potentially related to his paid position on the board of a Ukrainian gas firm at the time his father, Joe Biden, served as the vice president of the United States.

Hunter Biden was hired on to the board of Burisma holdings while Joe Biden was Vice President in the Obama administration.

House Democrats who want to impeach Trump claim the USA president enlisted the help of a foreign government, in this case Ukraine, to damage Joe Biden's attempt to run against Trump for the U.S. presidency in 2020.

Grassley and Johnson pointed to the video of former Vice President Joe Biden bragged about threatening to to withhold a billion dollars in aid from Ukraine if they did not fire Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor investigating Burisma holdings.

What remains in dispute is whether Shokin was actually investigating Burisma Holdings at the time he was sacked.

Grassley, head of the Committee on Finance, asked for all information on interactions related to Hunter Biden, several of his business associates, and affiliated business ties including those with Ukrainian gas firm, Burisma Holdings, where he was a board member until this year.

Grassley and Johnson's interest centers around three apparent meetings in 2015 and 2016. "On March 2, 2016, just one day after Tramontano was scheduled to meet with Under Secretary Novelli about Burisma, Devon Archer was scheduled to meet with Secretary of State John Kerry".

Based on the February 24, 2016 e-mail cited above, it appears that Ms. Tramontano wanted to meet with then-Under Secretary Novelli.

In their letter, Grassley and Johnson ask for all records relating to the three meetings.

The Senators' letter also seeks details on the involvement of then-Secretary of State John Kerry's stepson, Christopher Heinz, who broke off a business partnership with Hunter Biden in 2014 over objections to the Biden-Burisma relationship. If so, when did it occur, what was it about, and who attended? In this instance, Grassely and Johnson are investigating whether the meeting with Blue Star and USA officials ever took place and if it influenced Obama administration policy towards Ukraine.

A State Department official who relayed the meeting request said that Tramontano, who runs Blue Star Strategies, wanted to get "a better understanding of how the USA came to the determination that [Burisma] is corrupt". Based on this e-mail, it appears that the USA had "determin [ed]" Burisma to be corrupt.

Both senators also want to know if the Department of State requested that the Office of Legal Advisor or the inspector general of the department consider "potential concerns and conflicts of interest related to Hunter Biden's work for Burisma while Vice President Biden reportedly acted as the United States' top official in Ukraine?"

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