Showers, t-storms and gusty winds late Thursday

Showers, t-storms and gusty winds late Thursday

Showers, t-storms and gusty winds late Thursday

The cold air starts to slide in on Tuesday.

A freeze warning has been issued for the Midlands as temperatures are forecast to drop this weekend, the National Weather Service office in Columbia said. Lows range from the upper 20s to mid-30s. This will come with a big cold front that won't just bring the Arctic air, but some snow as well.

A few snow flurries will be possible Sunday night into early Monday morning, but most areas will stay dry.

Cold will continue to expand eastward ahead of the weekend.

Veterans Day looks fine for much of the day with temperatures in the mid 50s. Skies then clear and the rest of Thursday will be windy and MUCH colder, temps hovering in the 30°s. Saturday was the 19th consecutive day with below normal high temperatures officially at the Chicago Rockford International Airport. "And the Deep South is not off the hook". On Wednesday, temperatures will begin to warm slightly, with highs warming into the mid-20s to low 30s across the state. "Even temperatures in communities along the Gulf coast will struggle into the 60s".

The winds will kick up heading into Friday.

Thursday: Mostly cloudy with a chance of mixed and snow showers.

"Arctic air is forecast to barrel down from the North Pole and will settle east of the Rocky Mountains", says The Weather Network. The most impactful period in the current outlook would be the first half of Tuesday. As always, these things need time to sort themselves out, but we will have a pretty good handle on amounts in the next 24-48 hours.

At its most intense, this cold front could bring single-digit lows to the central Plains by Tuesday, with temperatures in the northern Plains sinking below zero. Very cold for November.

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