Police officer shoots protester in Hong Kong

Police officer shoots protester in Hong Kong

Police officer shoots protester in Hong Kong

A pool of blood could be seen near the first individual whose body initially appeared limp, although the person was later filmed conscious and even trying to make a run for it.

Protesters used barricades to block roads in various areas, leading to long traffic jams.

Many universities cancelled classes in the wake of the shooting, and as tear-gas was sacked on campuses for the first time. Several schools announced they would suspend classes on Monday, including Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Alex Chow's alma mater.

A video posted online in Hong Kong shows police shooting at least one protester as demonstrators disrupted the morning rush hour.

A protester throws a stone while holding a Molotov cocktail from behind a barricade during clashes with riot police at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong on Monday.

Protesters are angry about what they see as police brutality and meddling by Beijing in the freedoms guaranteed to the former British colony by the "one country, two systems" formula put in place when the territory returned to Chinese rule in 1997.

Police, who had stood accused of shooting protesters in previous demonstrations, alleged opened fire Monday on the eastern side of Hong Kong island, Reuters reported, citing Cable TV and other Hong Kong media.

The city's rail operator MTR Corp. said it had shut the Whampoa, Kwai Fong and Tung Chung subway stations amid widespread vandalism and disruptions.

It followed the death of a student protester on Friday who fell from in a vehicle park during a demonstration. What began as a protest against a now-shelved extradition bill has morphed into a pro-democracy movement marred by anti-government and police sentiments with those involved more willing to engage in targeted violence. Though the vigil ended peacefully, many attendees called for revenge after the student's death from injuries sustained during a protest.

Police later fired tear gas in the same area.

As demonstrations continue, protesters blocked intersections around the city this morning as skirmishes broke out between protesters and police.

In two earlier live-fire incidents, riot police had fired shots after they came under attack from groups of teenagers.

With no political solution on the table, officers have been left to battle violent protesters and are now loathed by large chunks of the deeply polarised population.

Police said the motorcycling officer had been suspended.

There have been rumors among local observers that Beijing, or the city's government, gave tacit approval and "shoot-to-kill orders" using live ammunition to quell the unrest and that police in the front lines were given a free hand to draw their revolvers and fire live rounds at rioters when they deemed necessary. The government condemned the attack on Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019 against Ho, a hate figure for protesters, and said police arrested the assailant.

As night fell in Hong Kong, Chief Executive Carrie Lam told journalists, "If there is still any wishful thinking that by escalating violence, the [Hong Kong government] will yield to pressure to satisfy the so-called political demands, I'm making this statement clear and loud here: That will not happen".

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