Instagram built a TikTok clone, because stories are so 2018

Instagram built a TikTok clone, because stories are so 2018

Instagram built a TikTok clone, because stories are so 2018

Instagram, and then all of Facebook, famously and shamelessly copied the feature that made Snapchat stand out of the crowd: Stories. TikTok is the hottest new social app right now, so Facebook obviously went ahead and stole one of TikTok's key features to use in Instagram. When released, this new tool will allow you to remix other users' Scenes if their account is public.

That said, as mentioned earlier Reels is only available now to users in Brazil. With all that in mind, it may take awhile before we can make use of this new feature.

In an attempt to steal the crown of best viral content generator, Instagram added a new feature called Reels, TechCrunch reports. Similar to TikTok, the new Instagram Reels tool makes it possible for users to create 15-second videos set to music and then share them with their followers as Stories.

More importantly, TikTok isn't very big yet in Brazil. It will only be eligible to appear in a "Top Reels" section in the app's search tab when you decide to post publicly.

Instagram is betting that the combination of music with videos and editing tools will keep its users engaged, and stop them from defecting to other music-centric apps. You can either record your short clip in silence (if that's your thing) or choose a song from Instagram's music library.

Something about the way that TikTok is structured and the way content is consumed feels inherently different from Instagram. However, the feature still doesn't have a number of filters and special effects offered by TikTok.

Just like any other Instagram Story, the finished clip can be posted to close friends or sent to individual people as a message. Additionally, you'll be able to add your favorite Reels to your profile as a highlight. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.

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