Musk announces new Tesla factory will be in Germany

Musk announces new Tesla factory will be in Germany

Musk announces new Tesla factory will be in Germany

The CEO estimated earlier this year that it will probably take Tesla until 2021 to get a manufacturing facility up and running in Europe.

Musk, 48, is laying the groundwork for his next plant just as Tesla is preparing to start sales of cars built on the outskirts of Shanghai.

Tesla's fourth so-called gigafactory will set up shop near the German capital, after a long period of uncertainty about where the market-disrupting electric carmaker would choose to build its newest base.

Musk, who said in June a year ago that Germany was the frontrunner for Tesla's first plant in Europe, told the awards ceremony on Tuesday that the factory would be near the city's new Brandenburg worldwide airport.

"This is NOT AT ALL about Mr. Busch and/or Mr. Musk", Kaeser said, adding that his aim was rather to draw attention to entrepreneurial spirit in Germany and the declining relevance of German companies.

Assembled in Tesla's new Shanghai Gigafactory, which broke ground in January, the first Model 3 sedans came in blue and were emblazoned with the brand name in Chinese characters.

The government has also started to roll out significant policies.

Asked on stage why he thought Germany is so far behind in e-mobility, Musk replied: "I don't think German is that far behind, I think it's always hard when there's a lot of momentum around an old technology, there's a lot of infrastructure, and a lot of capital that's tied up in an old technology".

According to Bild, up to 10,000 jobs will be created.

"Tesla is coming to Brandenburg with a big investment", Dietmar Woidke, state premier of Brandenburg, said in a statement. There, he reportedly said Tesla chose the "Berlin area" for what he called Gigafactory 4; the Tesla boss also said there are plans for an engineering and design center. We have worked hard to achieve this during intense talks and with good arguments.

It already has an engineering firm in Pruem that specializes in automated manufacturing systems for battery factories and has tested its cars on the Nordschleife, the notorious northern loop of the Nuerburgring racing track.

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