New McLaren Elva revealed as 600 kW roadster ... with no windows!

New McLaren Elva revealed as 600 kW roadster ... with no windows!

New McLaren Elva revealed as 600 kW roadster ... with no windows!

The McLaren Elva is an open roadster named and themed after the open race cars built by founder Bruce McLaren and the Elva sports vehicle company in the 1960s. The system channels air through the car's nose and over the cockpit, utilizing an automatically-deployed deflector at the leading edge of the bonnet.

"Formula 1-inspired shrink-wrapped volumes create a technical sculpture that is as striking as it is remarkable, the exterior flowing into the interior in a stunning example of a new and unique McLaren "blurred boundaries" design principle that has allowed us to seamlessly bring the outside in to further enhance driver engagement while remaining true to our philosophy of making no compromises", the executive said. But it has trademark design cues from modern McLarens such as the squinting headlights, slender taillights and a tail dominated by air vents and a diffuser. McLaren Special Operations will customize each Elva to its owner upon order, and a fixed windscreen will be an option for those who prefer it.

Meet the lightest McLaren road auto ever, and seemingly Woking's tribute to the wealth of heroically stripped-out track specials Great Britain has a fine tradition of producing.

Offering 600 kW and 800 N.m to the rear wheels via a seven-speed "seamless-shift" gearbox, the V8 facilitates a zero to 100 km/h sprint in "less than three seconds", with 200 km/h reached in a claimed 6,7 seconds (that's quicker than the Senna!).

If you're looking for an enthralling driving experience that includes full exposure to the elements then McLaren has just the auto for you. that's if you have the equivalent of R23.7 million lying around.

Engineers have at least tried to mitigate this extreme exposure to the elements, through an Active Air Management system that aims to shelter occupants by manipulating the air flow around them - and this happens without spoiling their connection to the elements, McLaren insists.

You can wear a helmet, or you can specify a windscreen, but McLaren suggests you'll need neither. The seats can be covered in a variety of materials from leather with additional protective coatings to a new durable, breathable fabric. A vehicle lift system is also available. Six-point harnesses are optional, for ultimate circuit kudos, as is the very serious-sounding "Ultrafabric" to even more tightly grip you into the seat. Or add all of them - McLaren will spec the auto out however you want.

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