Disney+ lures 10m subscribers a day after launch

Disney+ lures 10m subscribers a day after launch

Disney+ lures 10m subscribers a day after launch

Disney+ is yet to launch here in Ireland, but we'd be absolutely amazed if people aren't already buzzing for when it does.

Episode VIII is not available to stream on Disney Plus yet, and that's because it's still on Netflix. Netflix was the biggest video streaming service until the top companies chose to invest in the platform.

Disney also made headway in fixing glitches after a rocky start.

As Disney+ subscribers continue to explore the new streaming service that launched Tuesday, some users have discovered content warnings for "outdated cultural depictions" in old Disney animated movies such as Dumbo, Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp.

Users, now paying $6.99 per month for the platform, experienced technical issues on launch day, with streaming attempts met with error messages.

Having downscaled their profit projections for the network, Disney bosses knew sweeping cutbacks were needed if ESPN, which charged distributors about US$6 a month per subscriber, was to withstand challenges in the marketplace. According to Hulu, "Disney will give you a credit towards your Disney bundle subscription in the amount of $5.99/month". There is not now a student discount, but there is a free trial. These details imply that these shows and movies will expire on the listed dates set in 2020 and 2021.

Recent social media buzz revealed that, in just one day, Disney broke records by signing up more customers than HBO Now, CBS All Access + Showtime, ESPN+, DAZN and Crunchyroll have signed up throughout their entire existence.

Most users who lodged complaints said they were having trouble logging into the site for the first time or getting error messages when they tried to watch a movie or TV show.

Shoemaker said he thinks the classics should be kept separately because they are typically kept in a vault and released on special anniversaries. So, if the Toy Story series is all you plan on watching on Disney+, we suggest waiting until the release of the fourth film to make the most of your trial. The company has not decided exactly how much it intends to charge, but one of the people said that it could go as high as $30 a year.

Still, that's not to say Disney Plus isn't a significant draw by itself.

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