LSU Rise , Alabama Left Outside

LSU Rise , Alabama Left Outside

LSU Rise , Alabama Left Outside

Some fans don't agree with the final team in the College Football Playoff Selection Committee's latest rankings.

The final rankings and pairings for the College Football Playoff semifinal will be revealed December 8. They were exactly the type of team the playoff architects had in mind when they determined a conference championship should not be a requirement to make the playoff. Alabama can then be promoted into the quartet that will play for the "championship".

Last weekend, the Sooners got back into the win column, but very almost gave away the game against Iowa State. In 2017, Alabama did not defeat a single team in the regular season that finished in the top 10.

The committee rewarded Minnesota after its 31-26 win over previously No. 4-ranked Penn State by moving it up nine spots to No. 8. The committee thought enough of those teams to place in the top 25, but not enough of Baylor beating them, on the road, to put the Bears in the top 10.

One of these things is not like the others, and in a list otherwise full of traditional college powerhouses, the Golden Gophers stand out as different. The site's "Playoff Predictor" had the numbers with Ohio State leading (89), then LSU (87), Clemson (82), Alabama (40), OR (32), Georgia (25), Oklahoma (11) and Penn State (11). "We evaluate data and statistics, and in the end, each expert uses his or her judgment to rank the teams based on who they think is best". Number five is Alabama. Clemson moved up from fourth to third, with Ga occupying the No. 4 spot.

LSU, Ohio State, Clemson and Georgia are the top four, respectively, and Alabama is No. 5.

Based on the committee's own criteria, judgement aside, Alabama is not a playoff team, even if it wins out. The Tigers jumped Ohio State pushing the Buckeyes to second.

Ohio State has another week before their next major test with Penn State. He said: "We're aware of the SC loss for Georgia and that Alabama's loss was against a team that was ranked No. 1".

Alabama is certainly one of the most talented teams in the country, and it would probably be favored against just about any other opponent. Would one-misfortune LSU be in preferable situation over Georgia subsequent to having lost the SEC title game?

It's hard to project ahead what the committee will do next with Alabama.

Week 12 is a bit of a break from last Saturday, but there are some important games on tap.

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