New Mass Effect reportedly in development at BioWare Edmonton

New Mass Effect reportedly in development at BioWare Edmonton

New Mass Effect reportedly in development at BioWare Edmonton

One of the developers Schreier spoke to for this report says that BioWare has already spent months working out what needed to fundamentally change. According to Kotaku, the overhaul has been called "Anthem 2.0" and "Anthem Next" internally, which is fitting given its alleged scope.

The report reaffirms both companies' dedication to the online game despite a release and post-release plagued with negative press.

Anthem is a sort of elephant-in-the-room for many Bioware fans. Piscatella explains that there are plans for the update to "overhaul the loot, the quests, the social aspects of the game, the difficulty, the progression system, and the world map".

While Kotaku reports that numerous Bioware studios in Austin, Alberta, and Edmonton are hard at work on Anthem, IGN also provided a statement declaring that non-Bioware studios from across EA are also chipping in. "And we've been rebuilding for another few months since". The report, sources by those close to the game, suggests that BioWare is now in talks about plans for the game's future, how updates should be distributed, such as the format for the upcoming Icetide event, and what is important to change or keep in the game moving forward.

At present, the studio has yet to decide whether the changes will be released at once or over a specific time period. Kotaku did try to get word from EA, but they declined to comment.

Anthem, which launched in February 2019, was a big change for BioWare. Thanks to a messy development process plagued with technical issues, vision struggles, and many other stresses, the game flopped.

Once done, the content known Cataclysm was removed, and players were taken back to the very same reality of Anthem. If the studio does take this route, rather than Destiny: The Taken King, Anthem Next would be more like Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn - a complete and utter do-over. Some of the changes reportedly include making it so that players don't need to go back to Fort Tarsis after every mission "and what a mission technically is", one source told the outlet. The main story of the game follows the player after they're asked to stop The Monitor, an extremely powerful and evil villain, from seizing control of the incredibly important and mysterious Anthem of Creation.

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