A vegan man claims Burger King cooked Impossible Whopper alongside meat

A vegan man claims Burger King cooked Impossible Whopper alongside meat

A vegan man claims Burger King cooked Impossible Whopper alongside meat

As Bloomberg pointed out in August, vegans have been wary of possible cross contamination for quite some time upon learning that Burger King had no plans to exclusively dedicate broilers to Impossible Whoppers.

A vegan man in Atlanta, Ga., is suing Burger King after the restaurant allegedly served "contaminated" plant-based burgers, which he claims are being cooked on the same grill surface as beef burgers.

A vegan customer filed a class-action lawsuit against Burger King over claims that the fast-food chain's Impossible Whopper contains meat by-products.

When Burger King announced the Impossible Whopper (a vegan alternative to their best-selling burger), they did so with the tagline: "100% Whopper, 0% Beef".

Another wrote: "Hey @BurgerKing are you really cooking your Impossible burgers on the same broiler as the meat?"

Others suggested that it was inconsistent for vegetarians to demand food options and then to sue the chain.

However, Burger King does not claim that their Impossible Whopper - which hit menus in August - was vegan.

He notes there have been numerous complaints posted online by outraged vegans.

The lawsuit is seeking a jury trial, compensatory damages and, among other things, an injunction to stop Burger King from preparing Impossible patties on its regular broiler. However, the fast-food chain did previously disclose that the (not entirely) vegan burger would be made in an "open kitchen environment" and provided an asterisk on the product's official launch page warning consumers of its cooking methods. "It looks like beef, smells like beef, has the same texture as beef".

The customer continued to accuse Burger King of charging "premium" prices - one Impossible Whopper costs $5.99, according to CNBC - for customers who would like a meat-free option. Either way, expect culture warriors to view this plant-based kids menu as the latest sign that big business is trying to indoctrinate children against meat. "It's targeted toward flexitarians, people who are looking toward eating less red meat".

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