International Mens Day 2019: Theme, significance and objectives

International Mens Day 2019: Theme, significance and objectives

International Mens Day 2019: Theme, significance and objectives

Local communities, organizations, families and individuals are called to consider men in gender equality as the country join many countries in the world in observance of International Men's Day November 19, 2019.

But whoops! We DO have an International Men's Day, you guys! According to the official website of International Men's Day, it aims at promoting positive male role models, focusing on men's health and wellbeing and highlighting the discrimination against men. In some quarters there is a deliberate attempt to discount the emotional experiences of men and boys.

A statement from the ministry stated that ensuring that there is a balanced representation of men and women in different fields and professions is also vital in order to promote a fair and inclusive society.

Trans and queer men are also traditionally ignored by numerous men's rights activists who want to co-opt International Men's Day as some kind of attack on women. It's achieved by a revolt from a girl, and it confirmed exclusively by different males.

This International Men's Day, welcome the men throughout your life and say thanks to them with these wonderful quotes... International Men's Day is not meant to serve as an antithesis to International Women's Day but rather to highlight how we can all work together to change gender stereotyping and discrimination. The bureau needs to do more to change the public's perception, and one way is to champion the rights of men and boys. Tell them how much you appreciate what they do for us in our families, about the light that they bring to our lives, and how much we appreciate how they work alongside us strong women to make life great for us and our children.

Douglas Wilson " Being male is a matter of birth. Manhood coerced into sensitivity isn't any manhood in any respect.

The good man is the man who, no matter how morally unworthy he has been, is moving to become better. We are losing too many of our men to mental health issues that could very well be tackled and prevented if men had access to professional help.

Let us together celebrate men and highlight the role of men in achieving our shared goal of gender equality.

It is celebrated in various manners including public seminars, activities in classrooms to advance the day.

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