Joe Biden's boast of African American voter support backfires

Joe Biden's boast of African American voter support backfires

Joe Biden's boast of African American voter support backfires

But even as they cheered the House impeachment inquiry and argued that Trump needed to be removed from office, most Democrats on the debate stage in Atlanta, Georgia, used the question about impeachment to pivot to their core campaign message. That means impeachment. But we must do more.

Buttiggieg, 37, who has surged ahead in the polls, is now part of a four-way race which also included Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, according to Noah.

Impeachment is potentially perilous to the Democratic candidates for two reasons. He has been among the frontrunners since announcing his candidacy-currently enjoying a 12.7 lead on closest rival Elizabeth Warren, who at one point was level with the former vice president.

Biden is strong in Nevada, where Hispanic and Asian-American voters play a key role, and in SC, where African-Americans are expected to make up a majority of the Democratic electorate. Kamala Harris (D-CA) bluntly declared "we have a criminal living in the White House". Former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus PAC, former regional finance director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and former political adviser to over a dozen members of Congress.

Another black candidate, New Jersey Sen.

"I think he wins big".

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, who had questioned if a woman with Buttigieg's experience would make the debate stage, said he deserved his standing but there was a double standard when it came to women candidates. But I do think it makes sense, based on data, that we should study what the long-term effects are for the use of marijuana.

"We have to just change the culture. and keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it, " he said, while repeatedly pumping his clenched fist.

The climate crisis, which Democratic voters cite as a top concern, finally gained at least some attention.

The famously flub-prone former vice president made a number of stumbles at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta on Wednesday night. No woman has served as US president. Perhaps it's the complexities of the policies involved.

As in past debates, the candidates disagreed on Warren's proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy and on her Medicare for All proposal. And every debate seems to evolve quickly into an argument over health care. "And in the first hundred days I want to bring in 135 million people into Medicare for All at no cost to them". Not to be outdone, Sanders reminded people that he's the original Senate sponsor of the "Medicare for All" bill that animates progressives.

The top Democratic presidential candidates spent large chunks of prime-time television clashing over "Medicare for All" - again. "I have won statewide", Klobuchar said to him, adding that while she had "appreciation for your good work as a local official".

"Older black voters tend to be more pragmatic, wanting to protect gains that have been realized to date", said Theodore Johnson, a senior fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice.

"We must confront Donald Trump for his wrongdoings".

Healthcare reform figured prominently in the four previous Democratic debates; the fifth debate was no exception. Tulsi Gabbard, who has criticized prominent Democrats, including 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton. "It's hard to evaluate". She took on Buttigieg on the issue of experience.

"I said the first", Biden later corrected, properly describing Braun's distinction.

In an effort to build support, Buttigieg will speak on Thursday at a conference of civil rights activist Al Sharpton's National Action Network. Wednesday's exchange showed how she can easily stay before the cameras while criticizing her own party.

Last week she sought to tamp down criticism by unveiling a proposal for how to pay for her single-payer plan.

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