Kim Kardashian Reacts to Kylie Jenner's $600 Million Deal

Kim Kardashian Reacts to Kylie Jenner's $600 Million Deal

Kim Kardashian Reacts to Kylie Jenner's $600 Million Deal

Although Caitlyn talked about her surgery publicly, she said this was due to various expectations and speculation from her fans about the operation, but she also promised that she would never talk about the gender split again.

In an exclusive interview with Mail Online, Esther Jenner expressed her opinion about the 17-season old TV series, which seemed to be an unappetizing and futile program for her.

During the chat, Hutchins went on to discuss Jenner's motivations for taking part in the gruelling show, suggesting that she can "represent the LGBT community" for a mainstream audience.

She gushed: "I'm so proud of her".

In her book titled "The Secrets of My Life", the 70-year-old retired gold medalist has written about the reason behind the sex transfer operation was that she wanted "the right parts" and that she was exhausted of tucking her penis in all the time! A partnership with Coty affords Kylie the ability to grow even more and expand her reach.

After dropping a big business bombshell, Kylie Jenner is feeling the love and support from family members, including fellow beauty mogul sister Kim Kardashian West. "You know, she launched [Kylie] Skin this year and she's really excited about that and that's been a huge success for her, and looks forward to working with Coty to develop more categories and going into other areas of the beauty business and that's very exciting".

"Twenty years from now, she sees herself doing this", Kris added.

Although six years have passed since Caitlyn Jenner -Then still known as Bruce- will separate from his third wife Kris, which still today keep using your married name, his old mother still has sworn to her daughter-in-law for more than two decades.

But Kris insists that profit isn't the only thing driving her entrepreneurial spawn.

Brody was approached by paps in LA yesterday, and according to The Sun, he said he wouldn't be watching the show because he "doesn't know what it is". "I think that's really exciting".

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