Pompeo'Thrilled' Mum although of State Dept on Attacked Diplomat

Pompeo'Thrilled' Mum although of State Dept on Attacked Diplomat

Pompeo'Thrilled' Mum although of State Dept on Attacked Diplomat

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is apparently seeking to resign from the Trump administration ahead of a potential run for the US Senate, three senior Republicans told Time magazine.

A top US diplomat told Congress he had the "green light" from senior officials when he pressed Ukraine to announce investigations demanded by Donald Trump, testimony linking some of the president's highest-ranking aides to a scheme that Democrats call an impeachable offense.

Sondland said he emailed Pompeo in August, ahead of the president's planned September trip to Warsaw, Poland, to schedule a pull-aside between Trump and Zelenskiy to discuss how to "break the logjam" between the USA and Ukraine.

Pompeo, who has managed for almost three years to preserve a warm relationship with the mercurial president, is walking a tightrope as diplomats are called to appear before Congress.

At a press conference following Ambassador Sondland's televised impeachment testimony, Pompeo told reporters he "didn't see a single thing" from the testimony because he was working.

The State Department declined to comment when asked about Pompeo's future. Pompeo said. "I'm incredibly proud of what we've accomplished".

He brushed off questions about the impeachment inquiry and dismissed speculation about how long he'll stay in Trump's administration. In October, Trump called him "a really good man", but after Sondland's amended statement to House investigators this month the president told reporters at the White House, "I hardly know the gentleman".

Witnesses in the impeachment inquiry, including Sondland, have said they believe Trump was pressuring Ukraine to commit to investigating Democratic rival Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, by withholding an invitation for an Oval Office visit, and by temporarily freezing almost $400 million in US security aid that Ukraine needs to defend against Russia-backed separatists.

Trump's relationship with Pompeo, who vocally defends his global policy and faithfully, has been seen as unbreakable.

"I'll defer to the White House about particular statements and the like", Pompeo said.

Pompeo was one of the first top officials in the Trump administration to be subpoenaed by House Democrats, but he eventually failed to comply with their deadline back in October. "Any suggestion to the contrary is flat-out false". Marc Short, Pence's chief of staff, disputed that Sondland had ever discussed the stalled security aid with Pence.

"I'm happy to talk about Ukraine policy", he stated.

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