Who is Baby Yoda? The Mandalorian’s breakout character explained

Who is Baby Yoda? The Mandalorian’s breakout character explained

Who is Baby Yoda? The Mandalorian’s breakout character explained

The only other thing we know about baby Yoda right now is that it has captured our hearts, and it must be protected at all times.

Series creator and executive producer Jon Favreau revealed that production was under way last week with an Instagram snap of The Mandalorian's iconic helmet. While the episodes are rolling out weekly in the USA, it's not clear how they'll be released in the United Kingdom - ideally they'll all arrive at once, as Netflix tends to launch its shows, but this isn't clear.

Will you be paying a visit to Baby Yoda anytime soon?

There are a few theories about the curious creature who seems to be a member of Yoda's rare and mysterious species. What we know, after episodes 1 and 2, is that baby Yoda is 50 years old and indeed has force powers, as he saved The Mandalorian from a unsafe Mudhorn. In fact, the first time the Mandalorians are referenced in official canon was in a 1983 comic, Star Wars #68 "The Search Begins" and again in season two of 2008's The Clone Wars. As such, the timeline just doesn't support the notion that our collective bundle of joy is the actual Yoda, who dies - at 900 years old - in "The Return of the Jedi". Kylo Ren has yet to respond to the burn from Baby Yoda.

The new Baby Yoda is 50 years old in The Mandalorian - still an infant for that race.

If I was Disney I would actually announce Johnson off Star Wars prior to the release of Episode IX this December to create even more fan excitement. It's certainly powerful enough to be related to Yoda. For now, the best we've found is this Yoda plush, which looks like Baby Yoda, but is just an adorable small Yoda.

Even at the tender age of 50, (Not) Baby Yoda is strong with the force. The series is released on a weekly basis, with the first two episodes of eight online. She would protect Baby Yoda with her life. George Lucas never identified what Yoda is or where he came from, saying that Yoda is a 'mystery, magical character that has no background.' You can see the clip here, at 5:24. But the most simple explanation for Baby Yoda is that the tot simply shares the Jedi Master's species and his abilities in the force.

But it's not just the name that has caused issues for filmmakers.

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