Years Dead In His Apartment: Navy Vet’s Passing Causes Questions

Years Dead In His Apartment: Navy Vet’s Passing Causes Questions

Years Dead In His Apartment: Navy Vet’s Passing Causes Questions

A Navy veteran who was believed by his family to have been missing since 2016 was found dead in his apartment in Texas last week, and medical examiners believe he had been dead in the apartment for three years, according to KTHV-TV.

His mother, a NY state resident, said they'd speak twice a month on the phone, and that he'd call her from countries like Egypt and the Philippines.

And if I wasn't around them I probably wouldn't...

She said that the police department she contacted declined to get involved, and that they told her they couldn't handle this as a missing persons case because he was an adult who traveled a lot.

He said a neighbour had complained about two years ago of liquid leaking through the ceiling of her apartment, but the complex's maintenance team closed the file when the leaking stopped. Three years? And that's what I can't get past in my brain. When authorities had to force the bolted door open at unit 1320, that's when they discovered White dead on the kitchen floor. "The way he was found, the way the apartment was arranged and so forth, there was zero indication of foul play", Schulte said.

The apartment complex, DeSoto Town Center, and police said White's rent continued to be paid through automatic withdrawals.

White's rent was automatically withdrawn every month from his bank account and payments were good to his landlord. "Because nobody wanted to help find him", Stevens said. His apartment was on the third floor at the very northwest corner of the complex.

Investigators searched White's last known address but his mother, who lives in NY, did not know he had moved to DeSoto, near Dallas. Apartment maintenance inspected it, but moved on once it stopped and no one answered the door at White's apartment. Pete Schulte, with the DeSoto Police Department told WFAA. It had accumulated dust and several advertising leaflets were found under the windshield wipers. He added that medications for diabetes were found in the apartment and that White's family confirmed he was diabetic. White was single following a divorce approximately 20 years ago.

"I can't hardly cope with it to be honest with you", his mother said. "I can hardly deal with it".

Funeral arrangements are pending while more tests are being performed to see if the medical examiner can determine the cause of death.

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