Bloomberg News to make editorial changes for owner's presidential run

Bloomberg News to make editorial changes for owner's presidential run

Bloomberg News to make editorial changes for owner's presidential run

"I'm a New Yorker, and I know a con when I see one", he said dismissively of Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The rhetoric echoed the campaign battle cry of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, a top contender for the nomination who faces a formidable opponent in Mr. Bloomberg, a billionaire businessman who can easily self-finance his campaign. Despite running as a Republican in an overwhelmingly Democratic city, Bloomberg won the election and was reelected twice. A Bloomberg News spokeswoman, Kerri Chyka, also said the company won't initiate stories about Bloomberg L.P., following a long-standing policy.

He did not say how much he would be willing to spend overall on his presidential ambitions, but senior adviser Howard Wolfson did: "Whatever it takes to defeat Donald Trump". "But they don't get a bigger share of democracy, especially in a Democratic primary".

Bloomberg had stepped down as CEO of Bloomberg L.P, the financial services and media company he founded in the 1980s, to run for mayor of NY.

Communities across the country have been ravaged by gun violence and the current immigration system is "cruel and dysfunctional", he said.

Even before the announcement was final, Democratic rivals such as Bernie Sanders pounced on Bloomberg's plans to rely on his personal fortune.

Bloomberg is poised to run as a centrist and analysts suspect that he could take away some of the support enjoyed by fellow moderate Biden.

Massive wealth doesn't guarantee a successful bid for the presidency.

Businessman Andrew Yang also offered a dubious analysis of Bloomberg's prospects should he enter the race, saying earlier in the month that it'll be "very, very hard for him to jump in right now" and that "there are limits to what money can do". Sure Bloomberg is actually a good businessman and not a awful, overt racist, and unlike Trump has executive state experience; but at a time in America where people are rallying behind candidates like Sanders and Warren, Bloomberg is just more of the same or something worse.

A former Republican, Bloomberg announced his decision on his campaign website.

Sanders and other Democrats have repeatedly taken shots at a Bloomberg candidacy since there were rumblings of the former three-term mayor potentially entering the crowded 2020 Democratic field. But she said his entrance into the 2020 race "means the Democratic field is underwhelming".

However, Micklethwait said Bloomberg would publish investigative articles or summaries of articles about these topics involving Democrats from "credible journalistic institutions". Black voters are a critical Democratic voting bloc. During this second term, he switched parties and became an independent - only to re-register as a Democrat in 2018.Because of his late entry, aides to the former mayor have said he won't compete in the first four voting contests, in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and SC.

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