Ukraine did not meddle in United States vote, says Zelensky

Ukraine did not meddle in United States vote, says Zelensky

Ukraine did not meddle in United States vote, says Zelensky

US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland told lawmakers last week that there became a quid professional quo for Ukraine to mutter investigations into Trump's political opponents, which came from Giuliani at the "explicit direction of the President".

Giuliani has been the subject of a number of critical reports today, including the reporting from the New York Times and the Washington Post about him pursuing business in Ukraine during his involvement in the Ukraine pressure campaign.

"I like Joe Biden, I like him a lot, I think he's a fine man", Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said. Giuliani has previously said that they were helping him toencourage Ukraine to open an investigation into the Bidens.

Giuliani was chasing down dubious Ukraine-related corruption allegations and conspiracy theories about Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden and the Democratic Party, allegedly as part of the effort to secure the opening of investigations.

"In return, Mr. Giuliani would help the government recover money it believed had been stolen and stashed overseas", the Times reported. Yet those same officials acknowledge it's unlikely Giuliani is going anywhere. Trump all as soon as more and all as soon as more told diplomats to consult with GIuliani regarding Ukraine.

Asked for comment by The Times, a spokeswoman for Mr. Lutsenko, Larisa Sarhan, on Wednesday referred to an interview Mr. Lutsenko gave to a Ukrainian news outlet confirming that aides to Mr. Giuliani had asked him to hire a lobbying company.

And, as the testimony of multiple witnesses in the impeachment inquiry made clear, Trump continually, repeatedly decreed that Ukraine policy should be coordinated with Giuliani.

Although various other proposals circulated between Giuliani and his Ukrainian contacts after that, the agreements never seem to have been carried out.

A person familiar with the negotiations described contracts drafted this year in which Giuliani would have worked for Lutsenko or separately, the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice. I don't represent him.

"They even offered me such a company", Lutsenko said. He described that work as related to emergency management consulting, but Fuks said in an interview that he hired Giuliani as "a lobbyist for Kharkiv and Ukraine" to lure American investors. "No money was ever received and no legal work was ever performed", he said.

The subpoena, which asks for documents and communications with or concerning to Parnas and Fruman, furthermore seeks any records concerning to Giuliani, his security firm Giuliani Companions and any associated of us or entities.

"Obvious campaign felony by [Giuliani] & the lawyers negotiating these contracts to coordinate manufacturing dirt on Biden", Shugerman wrote, adding, "timing of a $200K contract at precisely the moment Giuliani is pushing for Biden dirt is evidence of Giuliani's private coordination, not USA official diplomacy/public anti-corruption".

Sessions has said he is cooperating with the investigation and did not have any knowledge of Parnas and Fruman's alleged scheme.

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