Valve discontinues the Steam Controller

Valve discontinues the Steam Controller

Valve discontinues the Steam Controller

Valve has removed nearly a thousand games and soundtracks from its Steam storefront, moving 980 titles to its banned apps list. Valve were flogging Steam Controllers for a bargain £4/€5.50/$5 (not including shipping) in this week's sale.

Currently, Steam is having a 90% off sale on the Steam Controller, so there is still time to grab one before they are gone for good in some regions, unfortunately it is already out of stock here in the UK. As featured in HEXUS news over several years of gestation (from around 2013 onwards), it was revised, rethought and redesigned quite significantly before it hit general retail in November 2015.

The Steam Controller was all the hype early in development, but ultimately it saw few adopters and far less love than the community was expecting Consequently, it's no surprise that Valve has announced that it won't be making any more.

The Steam Controller initially launched back in 2015 (after much revision), as part of Valve's rather half-hearted Steam Machine initiative.

Of course if you check the list of banned games, you will see Valve did indeed delete games before, but never on such scale. Branded Steam PCs have always been a thing of the past following its unceremonious demise, and now its weird - but, as far as I'm concerned, genuinely wonderful - input device is defunct too. Steam users will vote on winners for each category in the Steam Winter Sale period.

Additionally the fourth-annual Steam Awards season has begun.

Intel gamepad on the way?

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