K-pop star jailed for six years for gang rape, spycam crimes

K-pop star jailed for six years for gang rape, spycam crimes

K-pop star jailed for six years for gang rape, spycam crimes

Jung and Choi Jong-hoon, a former member of boy band FT Island, were found guilty of gang-raping two different victims on two occasions in 2016.

Judge Kang Sung Soo of the Seoul Central District Court delivered the verdict against five individuals, including Jung and Choi, who will be required to undergo 80 hours of sexual violence rehabilitation and banned from working with children, juveniles, or people with disabilities for five years.

Both were convicted of sex offences and Jung was also convicted of illicitly filming and distributing footage of the assaults via online chat groups.

The singers were on trial for the gang rape of intoxicated women in a hotel room back in March 2016, with Jung Joon-young admitting to sexual intercourse but said it was consensual. His last album The First Person was released in 2017.

Lawyers for Jung and Choi could not be reached for comment.

"This is rather too much for this type of crime".

"The two have asserted that they had sex with the women after obtaining their consent, but the women were in a state where they were unable to protest or resist", the court noted.

Choi denied raping the woman.

Choi said he had no memory of the incident and insisted he did not have sex with the woman.

He was sentenced to six years in prison.

In the final testimony, Jung - who rose to fame on a TV talent show - said: "I deeply regret my foolishness and I feel great remorse".

The identities of the victims were suppressed to protect their privacy.

Their scandals roiled South Korea's entertainment industry earlier this year when the investigation began.

The shocking revelation about the two pop stars apparently came out while the police were probing a separate case - involving K-pop superstar Seungri who was reportedly a member of Jung's group chat. Seungri is facing his own criminal charges as a co-owner of Burning Sun, a nightclub in Seoul's glamorous Gangnam neighborhood in which prosecutors allege Seungri operated a prostitution side business for wealthy clientele and laundered money from prostitution and gambling. He quit the group, and the entertainment industry, as the sex video scandal erupted in March.

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