Adam Sandler remembers his reaction when he was sacked by SNL

Adam Sandler remembers his reaction when he was sacked by SNL

Adam Sandler remembers his reaction when he was sacked by SNL

Sandler, 53, was sacked from "SNL" in 1995 alongside Chris Farley and, since then, he's maintained that he's unsure why they were let go.

Sandler has, of course, done his fair share of stinkers in recent years, notably the comedies Sandy Wexler, The Do-Over, The Week Of, and Murder Mystery, all part of his multi-picture deal with Netflix, and all panned by critics. After serving on Saturday Night Live, the comedian starred in hit movies such as The Waterboy, Big Daddy, and The Wedding Singer.

Adam has had no qualms about sharing his side of the events over the years, and even discussed it hilariously in his SNL monologue when he presented the program in May.

Sandler sat down for an extensive interview on Tuesday's edition of "The Howard Stern Show", and opened up about his feelings on being fired so early in his career.

"I might have been like that 15 years ago if I came on and did well", Adam shared about his desire to show off when he hosted earlier this year. "Now I am old enough. I realize what Saturday Night Live did for me".

"On the time, I used to be damage as a result of I did not know what else I used to be going to do", the "Grown Ups" star stated. "I know it wasn't Lorne [Michaels'] decision. The NBC head dude, I do know he did not like our gang".

Meanwhile, Rob Schneider and David Spade are waiting on standby, just in case. "He was like, 'Yeah but you did it already.' I was like, 'I did but...'" "But I remember when I saw Farley, he said to me, 'Me too, they don't want me either.' We were both like 'F- this s-.' We got mad together, pretended we weren't sad and pretended this was for the best".

Turns out for Adam, it was for the best. In the film, the comic stars as Howard Ratner, a gambling addict trying to dig himself out of a massive hole. He forgave, but that doesn't mean he forgot.

"Maybe I would have never left because I'm not good at saying goodbye", he said with a laugh.

"Joel made sense for the themes of the movie - it's about this Ethiopian opal that gets smuggled into the city, and this African player was going to basically reclaim it, and it was going to empower him", Josh Safdie said. Adam talked about his manager, who was protecting him from the news.

Sandler remembers telling his manager that he'd think about not returning, to which his manager replied: "I think you've thought about it".

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