AWS Announces Amazon Braket, Taking on Microsoft in Cloud-Based Quantum Computing

AWS Announces Amazon Braket, Taking on Microsoft in Cloud-Based Quantum Computing

AWS Announces Amazon Braket, Taking on Microsoft in Cloud-Based Quantum Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will provide its AWS Wavelength service, which Vodafone said will offer ultra-low latency for business customers that need it for applications from artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality to video analytics, autonomous vehicles, robotics and drone control.

There's just one problem: AWS doesn't actually have a quantum computer. Quantum Computing is one of the hardest fields in computing to be ever touched. This service is safeguarded with high-level security & encryption baked at each level, as per AWS.

To help with that, AWS has also introduced the Amazon Braket, a fully managed service that makes it possible for customers to get started on quantum computing by providing a single development environment to build quantum algorithms, test them on simulated quantum computers, and try them on a range of different quantum hardware architectures.

However, AWS is not installing these quantum computers in its own data centers and instead of offering a unified way to access the machines. "Amazon's Braket will open the door to more smart developers who will build the quantum future, and the forward-thinking executives who will transform industries". A former establishment is a place for grouping up Quantum Computing researchers and engineers from all over the world to develop this technology.

Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab - A new program to connect AWS customers with quantum computing experts from Amazon and a very select set of consulting partners.

It's noteworthy that the U.S. National Quantum Initiative Act, allocating US$1.2 billion to fund quantum computing activities, was signed into law a year ago.

This announcement marks another step in Vodafone Business' multi-cloud strategy to partner with world-leading technology providers to help customers of all sizes succeed in a digital world.

Cloud-Only or On-Premises as Well?


Once the technology is mature, both on-premises and cloud solutions will be available, Enderle predicted, noting that "IBM already has been showcasing an on-premises prototype system". "The best way to think of quantum computing is as an accelerator for specific workloads". "It turns out this is hard to do, and that's the reason why existing options for on-premises solutions haven't gotten much traction today", said Matt Garman, Vice President, Compute Services, at AWS.

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