Pennsylvania Turnpike: five killed and dozens injured in crash

Pennsylvania Turnpike: five killed and dozens injured in crash

Pennsylvania Turnpike: five killed and dozens injured in crash

Five people died and dozens were injured in a "horrible" crash involving a tour bus and three tractor-trailers on a major United States highway Sunday.

The five people killed were found dead at the scene, county coroner Ken Bacha said. It was first struck by two tractor-trailers, then another truck and a passenger vehicle.

Those two trucks were struck by another tractor trailer, and another passenger vehicle was involved in the crash, Limani said, who described it as "extremely serious".

Eleven patients from the crash were taken to Forbes Hospital in Monroeville, Allegheny County, hospital spokeswoman Stephanie Waite said.

FedEx did not provide any other details besides that they are co-operating with authorities. A message seeking comment was left Sunday with the bus company.

Five Mississippi inmates have been killed in a week, officials say. At least nine patients at Excela Health Frick Hospital are minors, according to the Post-Gazette.

At least one of the 25 victims initially sent to Excela was transported to a nearby trauma center.

It is likely that at least a portion of the turnpike will be closed for the rest of the day, DeFebo said.

Some of the people at the scene described a change in weather prior to the crash, including precipitation, Limani said.

The Tribune-Review reported that Angela Maynard, a tractor-trailer driver from Kentucky, said the roads were wet from snow but not especially icy.

Maynard said that she called 911 and that she and her partner stopped to see if anyone was hurt. "It was terrible", she said as cited by Fox News. "There was no fire, just a lot of smoke at that point". She spoke to one person who appeared to be floating in and out of consciousness, trying to keep him occupied until medical help arrived. "He was in bad shape".

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