‘Ballie’ Is a Rolling Pet Robot That Controls Your Home

‘Ballie’ Is a Rolling Pet Robot That Controls Your Home

‘Ballie’ Is a Rolling Pet Robot That Controls Your Home

Ballie (to be pronounced Ball-E) is the AI-based robot showcased by Samsung at the CES 2020, now on in Las Vegas, USA. It's created to take care of all your personal needs, and help you around the home.

During Samsung's demonstration at CES (below), Ballie rolled itself onto the stage, and followed Samsung Consumer Electronics President and CEO H.S. Kim around for about two minutes.

Ballie is part of Samsung's "Age of Experience" philosophy for its new products and services, that will "transform how we care for ourselves and our family, how we can customize our homes to meet our individual needs".

Samsung also says Ballie is a fitness assistant, because nothing gets your blood pumping like being chased or chirped at by a robot.

"We believe AI is the future of personalised care..."

"In the age of experience, we need to rethink the space we have to accommodate our diverse and evolving lifestyles", said Kim.

While the introduction of Ballie and new GEMS features were unexpected, the tech giant's supposed "Artificial Human" called Neon was notably absent from the keynote. Combine that with the Bot Chef shown off in Samsung's booth that cooks with you, and the smart fridge that tells you what you what meals you can make with ingredients on hand, and the physically interactive home the company envisions is warm and active - "a living organism", as Samsung SVP Federico Casalegno described it at the Samsung CES 2020 keynote.

The company, however, did not provide any details on the launch date or pricing details for the personal robot.

"Gems, ' which stands for Gait Enhancing & Motivating System, is a suite of devices that uses AR glasses and a low-profile exoskeleton - sensors that are strapped around a users" hips - to map and analyze one's movements.

Samsung has also been careful about the language it has used to describe Neon.

The solution, Samsung's HeartWise application, pairs a Samsung smartwatch with a smartphone via Bluetooth and sends reminders to the patient to exercise, collects activity data, and continuously displays the patient's heart rate during workouts.

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