LG talks about 'real' 8K

LG talks about 'real' 8K

LG talks about 'real' 8K

What we saw at CES 2020 makes it clear that that same level of quality is coming stateside with the Philips OLED 804. Paired with an included specially-designed wall mount, these 55-, 65- and 77in class models hang completely flush on the wall, providing a dramatic appearance, transforming the OLED into a piece of art.

New CPUs offer machine learning features to improve image quality depending on the type of content being displayed.

Some of the specific models that we will see are a 65-inch Ultra HD Bendable OLED screen, a 13.3-inch plastic OLED tablet and an 88-inch 8K Cinematic Sound OLED screen with an 11.2 channel sound system.

Let's start with LG's announcements.

LG Electronics is showcasing an array of new 8K TVs at CES 2020 with features including AI-centric capabilities.

The Sero has a 4K, QLED panel and is available in just one size, 47 inches.

But before you get all excited about buying a shiny new 8K TV, a word of caution.

The new Gallery series ditches the complexity and questionable Dolby Atomos audio quality of the All-In-One box that came with the Wallpaper Series TVs.

Unfortunately, this size is not available in the cheaper B-series, which also does without some high-end functions such as the latest processor to lower the price.

It is assumed, foldable TV from LG will arrive in stores in the second or third quarter of this year.

With unparalleled variable refresh rate and ultra-fast response time, LG OLED TV is considered the most advanced gaming TV on the market today.

LG's says its 2020 premium TVs flaunt unique, elegant designs that integrate effortlessly with any home decor.

The pictures look so crisp and colours so vibrant it's hard not to be impressed.

This image is meant to advertise the 8K models as a sports television, but good luck finding a lot of 8K sports content. Unless you are seriously wealthy - and want to throw the dice on whether mainstream 8K content will truly take off - then most of the TVs in Vegas are not for you. Out of context, it looks a little bit like underglow on a tricked-out auto, but when watching a show or movie, the result is a more immersive experience as your living room is transformed into an extension of whatever you're watching. In addition, they have ATSC 3.0 tuners (called NextGen TV in the industry) for receiving 4K HDR broadcasts via radio.

What's more, LG has added two NanoCell Display that should make the prospect of owning an 8K TV a little more affordable-though LG has yet to announce pricing for any of its new models yet. Now, as far as TVs go, the Japanese company is a beast.

Because Android TV has Google Assistant built-in, you can also control these devices with your voice, just as you would through a Google Home smart speaker. For those concerned about privacy, the mics can be disabled.

LG follows Samsung, which announced an Apple TV app for its models in May.

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