Purchase of the pass that is not needed to get new creatures

Purchase of the pass that is not needed to get new creatures

Purchase of the pass that is not needed to get new creatures

Well, the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass will add two new areas to the game: The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. A new remake of Mystery Dungeon, DLC content for Sword & Shield, and also a February launch window confirmed for the hotly-anticipated Pokemon Home functionality. The Pokemon Company is bringing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX game to the Nintendo Switch later this year, reimagining the 2006 dungeon crawler title. You get to explore the dungeon and find a loot with a single life and try to progress further with every attempt. They have to help them find their way out, escort them to particular dungeon floors, or hunt for a specific item.

But that's how to get Galarian Slowpoke in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and all we know about how to evolve into Slowbro and Slowking. Available on Nintendo Switch from March 6, Rescue Team DX stays faithful to the concept of turn-based exploration through randomly-generated dungeons.

New characters will also show up on the Isle of Armor. Pokemon Sword players will see the Poison-type trainer, Klara, while Pokemon Shield players will meet the Psychic-type trainer Avery.

When you first encounter Galarian Slowpoke in Wedgehurst train station, it appears as though there's a 0% chance of having a shiny variant appear in battle. You can pre-purchase the expansion for your respective game version in the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch for $29.99 United States dollars.

[Update 01/09/2020]: It has been confirmed Pokemon Home is a paid service, though a price has not been specified.

There are three new legendary Pokemon coming to Sword and Shield, with Kubfu and Urshifu included in the June expansion and Calyrex coming this Fall.

First, make sure you have the update, otherwise none of this will work as expected.

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