City Goes to Bat for Dodgers in MLB Cheating Scandal

City Goes to Bat for Dodgers in MLB Cheating Scandal

City Goes to Bat for Dodgers in MLB Cheating Scandal

While MLB's investigation into the Astros has already come to a conclusion and players will not be suspended or penalized, it was revealed on Thursday that they may have been wearing buzzer devices under their uniforms as recently as the 2019 season.

Councilman Gil Cedillo says, "This is an equity and justice thing". "Fans need to keep in mind that there are a lot of players who are in the spider web, but they are not the black widow just because they are a member of the team or the league".

"I'm grateful to them for giving me the opportunity, but we agreed this decision is in the best interest of the team".

According to Cedillo, the illegal sign-stealing was the difference in each World Series. "It was the Dodgers".

Roughly 3 in 4 Americans (74%) and Major League Baseball fans (76%) believe most teams were using technology to steal signs, but it's just the Astros and Red Sox who got caught. "Do they need to be told that they shouldn't have a title?"

Koretz is pictured here in 2017 with Tommy LaSorda at Los Angeles City Hall. Add in the team-level sanctions levied against the Astros (a $5 million fine and forfeiture of four draft picks), the season-long suspension of former Houston general manager Jeff Luhnow, and the all-encompassing (and justified) paranoia concerning nearly everything Astros-related, and Major League Baseball has had a chaotic and unusually engaging mid-January week. The Astros were also fined $5 million and had four future draft picks taken away.

Muncy said that if it was true that electronic devices were used to steal signs, then there should be sanctions. On Tuesday Cora and the Red Sox announced they "mutually agreed to part ways". Yet given the league's investigation into both American League teams' rule violations in those respective seasons, Los Angeles politicians want a formal redefining of championship results. There's the idea, too, that Fiers is a hypocrite who was OK with the cheating when he benefited (he has a World Series ring that is owed, to some unknowable degree, to the operation), but turned coat upon changing hats.

Koretz was more moderate in tone, admitting the request was unprecedented, but said awarding the trophies to the Dodgers would be "appropriate payback" for having been cheated.

Unprecedented or not, the City Council will vote next week on whether to approve a resolution asking the Major League Baseball to award the Dodgers those trophies.

"Feel free to come and try to take it", Edwards joked of the 2018 World Series trophy. He has been a real-time reporter based at The Sacramento Bee since 2016.

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