IPhone 12 Series Leak - RAM Details are Now Available

IPhone 12 Series Leak - RAM Details are Now Available

IPhone 12 Series Leak - RAM Details are Now Available

We have started to hear more rumors about the new iPhone 12 recently and according to a recent report the handset will come with an updated Face ID.

In summary, TSMC has achieved an 80% greater logic density with its 5 nm node, allowing company's like Apple to have approximately 15 billion transistors on a 100 mm² chip, a size that Cross settled on as being good for a "high-performance premium mobile processor" with numerous stacked components.

It's also been rumored that Apple is also working on replacing the Lightning port as the company hope to optimize it for the USB-C which is now common on major smartphones all around the world. The new A14 chipset will be built upon the 5nm fabrication process and not the 7nm process the A13 is built upon. "It's huge. It's so big that I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Apple shrunk the total chip area a bit to around 85 mm square and around 12.5 billion transistors".

The A14 chipset could score of around 1,500-1,600 on single-core performance test and a score of around 4,500-5,000 on the multi-core performance test.

Nonetheless, the UBS analysts are saying that there will be four iPhone 12 models in 2019.

All of Apple's new iPhone models are set to feature OLED displays, which of course begs the question: How will Apple differentiate the two 6.1-inch models? Cross expects Apple to add Neural Engine cores and vastly improve the overall performance.

Apple introduced its biannual transparency report on Friday, which contained details regarding the quantity and kind of private and government party asks for client information that the business received worldwide.

Even the inclusion of an in-display fingerprint scanner is on the cards. The same research note was quoted by MacRumors that revealed that iPhone 12 Pro models could pack a 6GB RAM instead of one 4GB RAM of iPhone 11 Pro models. Apple also stated the demands included more than 15,301 client accounts, another record high.

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