Kim Kardashian West calls Kylie Jenner's makeup cheap s

Kim Kardashian West calls Kylie Jenner's makeup cheap s

Kim Kardashian West calls Kylie Jenner's makeup cheap s

Lucky Kylie even gets the chance to use some unreleased KKW Beauty products and selects a few shades from the upcoming "Celestial Skies" palette for Kim's eye look.

But a quick eye roll aside, Pete did add that he considered makeup mogul Kylie a good influence, elaborating: "But to be fair to the Kardashian/ Jenners, they've done well for themselves and Kylie's a billionaire at 22 so she must be doing something right!"

Dressed in a figure hugging skin tight ensemble, Kylie quickly pulled out the fact that she is not a professional artist.

"How Kim manages being a mom of four and her work life?" While she was dolling her big sister up, fans were able to ask questions.

Kim was not happy with having to wait for the process to continue and jokingly slammed the product as "cheap s***".

At one point while working on Kim's eyelashes, one of the lashes falls out.

The pair joked they should wish on it but Kylie gave the unusual souvenir to one of her assistants.

At the time, he captioned the shot: "rise & shine ☀️", with several of his followers remarking on the framing of the image: "Stoppppp you look so prettyyy", one person said, as another pointed out the obvious: "I thought this was Kendall".

It would have been some wish as well as Kim was looking to take her lead back in the family's social media "race".

"I actually got it from Jay Leno, who made that as a joke", she revealed, adding that it took "four or five days" to settle on the name.

Kylie had overtaken her in followers in recent weeks and the reality star wanted to readjust the situation. "Now my wish won't come true".

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