AOC to join Bernie Sanders on campaign trail in Iowa

AOC to join Bernie Sanders on campaign trail in Iowa

AOC to join Bernie Sanders on campaign trail in Iowa

"I've said all I'm going to say about that".

But given the history between Clinton and Sanders, she knows the power that a few words can have.

Obama reportedly said that Sanders is both temperamentally and politically unfit to beat Trump, while worrying that Sanders' political proposals, which include large tax increases, free college tuition and massive student debt forgiveness, might alienate traditional Democratic voters.

Lau said Warren has "had more than 100,000 one-on-one conversations with Americans" during a year of campaigning, referencing the famous "selfie" pictures Warren supporters line up and wait for after almost every one of her events - even really large ones.

Biden was judged to be the best at unifying Democrats and defeating President Trump. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) of telling her that a woman couldn't win the White House. Speaking with Hollywood Reporter, Clinton said that she still believed that Sanders was a failed lawmaker that "nobody likes". Biden's campaign says the ads are targeting Iowa's undecided voters. That's particularly true with what's going on right now with the Bernie campaign having gone after Elizabeth with a very personal attack on her.

If it were a one-off, you might say, 'OK, fine.' But he said I was unqualified.

Anita Dunn, senior strategist at Biden, admitted weakness among younger voters, but suggested that Biden's competitors would have to worry a lot more about other demographic issues.

The Democratic contest's opening Iowa caucus is coming up on February 3 and kicks off the primaries season. "But to be serious, the No 1 priority for our country and world is retiring Trump, and, as I always have, I will do whatever I can to support our nominee".

She was widely pilloried by progressives for the comments - unsurprisingly, given the years-long animosity the 2016 race against Sanders caused.

It is a view shared by some of Clinton's traditional opponents.

This week Clinton torched Sanders harshly critical comments attacking his likability and the allegedly toxic culture perpetuated by Sanders, his staff, and his supporters.

Many on Sanders' side of the Democratic ledger would counter that the rules of the 2016 primary were not fair and square. The poll, conducted via landline calls and an online panel, has a 2.8 percentage point margin of error.

But while party leaders are encouraged by Biden's ability to hold on to his lead in the national polls despite a rocky campaign and many gaffes, their expectation that Sanders would fade after his heart attack last fall has not been fulfilled.

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