Donald Trump's Tape Calling for Ukraine Envoy's Firing Surfaces

Donald Trump's Tape Calling for Ukraine Envoy's Firing Surfaces

Donald Trump's Tape Calling for Ukraine Envoy's Firing Surfaces

Mr Trump's voice can then be heard saying "Get rid of her. Get her out tomorrow".

According to descriptions provided to the Times of an unpublished manuscript of Bolton's upcoming memoir, President Trump told his ex-advisor in August past year that he preferred not to send aid to Ukraine until materials on a Russian investigation into Biden were handed over.

Mr Trump fired her in May 2019 and he told local media on Friday that he was "not a fan" of Ms Yovanovitch.

The footage from April 2018 was provided by an attorney of Lev Parnas, a U.S. businessman who was at the dinner. Trump has asserted publicly he doesn't know the Giuliani associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, though the tape appears to shows the men speaking at length during the dinner. "Do it", Trump is heard saying.

President Trump has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in his handling of Ukraine, which is at the center of the impeachment process he has regularly called a "hoax" and "witch hunt".

The newspaper report landed the day before Trump's lawyers resume their defence in his Senate impeachment trial and could strengthen demands from Democrats that the 100-member chamber subpoena witnesses as well as documents.

The Republican president faces two charges: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham on Sunday stood by the President's claim that he doesn't know Parnas, while also defending Trump for listening to Parnas' claims about Yovanovich on the recording.

Sources familiar with the recording said the recording was made during an intimate April 30, 2018, dinner at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

It was shot on the mobile phone of Igor Fruman, a U.S. businessman and former Giuliani associate.

Both Parnas and Fruman were charged with violating U.S. campaign finance laws in October.

USA senator James Lankford, a Republican, likened Mr Trump's comment to those of Democrats who say Republicans will pay a price at the ballot box for supporting Mr Trump or will pay a price in the future as they are held accountable. I don't care. Get her out tomorrow.

Giuliani has also been on the record as having pushed for Yovanovitch's firing by Trump claiming she would impede their efforts to get Ukraine dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden. Take her out. Okay?

The president appeared not to have known the ambassador personally at the time, as he asked for the envoy's name.

She testified that her anti-corruption efforts had incurred the ire of influential Ukrainians who sought to remove her. On his now infamous July 25 call with the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Trump said of Yovanovitch, "She's going to go through some things".

The former envoy's supporters say she was also smeared by United States conservative media voices.

Trump has said he had the right to fire Yovanovitch, a main figure in the series of events that led to his impeachment.

President Trump has said that the diplomat "didn't want to hang my picture in the embassy" in Kyiv. "I don't know him at all, don't know what he's about, don't know where he comes from, know nothing about him".

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