Second presumptive case of coronavirus confirmed in Canada

Second presumptive case of coronavirus confirmed in Canada

Second presumptive case of coronavirus confirmed in Canada

44 Canadians were killed by this coronavirus strain.

Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne said today the government will provide consular services to all Canadians trapped in the coronavirus-affected region of China due to commercial travel restrictions. Countries are also concerned about the fate of thousands of foreigners stuck in Wuhan, a city of 11 million people that has been sealed off by Chinese authorities in a bid to contain the disease.

Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Ontario Associate Chief Medical Officer of Health, said that since last week, public health officials have come into contact with 36 people who feared they were infected with 2019 novel coronavirus, the official name of the virus.

Sunnybrook Hospital receives first case of coronavirus - The first case of the coronavirus in Canada has been identified at the Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto.

"Everyone goes out wearing masks and they are anxious about the infection", said David, a Chinese man who works in Shanghai but ended up trapped in Wuhan after it was put under quarantine.

Tam said the likely diagnosis of a second case has not changed her view that the risk of contracting the virus remains low in Canada, noting the two instances follow a reassuring pattern. "It's really family members travelling with the patient who are at the highest risk".

The two patients were hospitalised and quarantined after showing symptoms of infection after recently returning from China. Tam said health officials are in the early process of contacting other travelers on that flight.

Also Monday, Chinese officials reported deaths from the coronavirus have reached 76 in Hubei province where the coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan and an additional four deaths in another part of the country.

On Monday, Toronto's Chief Medical Officer of Health has confirmed a second case of the Wuhan coronavirus in the Canadian province.

"The patient had symptoms on the plane", Tam continued. The husband was outpatient at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto on January 23, while the woman has been self-isolated since her arrival in Toronto, health officials in Ontario said.

There are 19 other cases under investigation, officials said, and another 15 ruled out as negative so far.

The hospital said doctors were working to manage the patient's symptoms.

Though the World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet classified the virus as an worldwide emergency considering the low number of overseas cases, however, WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has called it "an emergency in China".

"Be careful, be vigilant, but you don't have to change your life at the moment", he said. They include coughing, a fever and a general feeling of malaise. She added that this is what they do every day.

The new form of coronavirus, a close cousin to respiratory illnesses such as SARS and MERS, originated in China and has spread rapidly in recent weeks.

While 56 people have died of the virus in China - most of the deaths have been older patients - the World Health Organization has not declared the outbreak an worldwide public health emergency.

France and South Korea are also planning to fly out their citizens later this week, and several other countries, including Germany, were considering doing the same.

It is not clear how lethal the new coronavirus is or even whether it is as unsafe as the ordinary flu, which results in 12,200 hospitalizations and about 3,500 deaths in Canada yearly.

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