GOP lacks votes to block trial witnesses, McConnell concedes

GOP lacks votes to block trial witnesses, McConnell concedes

GOP lacks votes to block trial witnesses, McConnell concedes

The trial organizing resolution says these arguments will be "followed by deliberation of the Senate, if so ordered under the impeachment rules".

News of the conversation between Engel and Bolton comes as the Senate is moving quickly toward a determination on whether to allow additional witnesses to testify as part of its impeachment trial of the President.

Their question may indicate that the three - considered the most likely Republicans to join Democrats in calling for witnesses - are struggling as they consider the conflicting motives presented about why the Trump administration held up almost $400 million in US aid to Ukraine, the centerpiece of the impeachment.

Democrats would need to convince four Republicans to cross the aisle and vote with them to subpoena witnesses and start a debate over who should testify.

Most Republicans have made it clear they do not want to call witnesses in the Senate trial because they want to expedite the proceedings and acquit the president. With a 53-47 majority, Republicans can only afford to lose three. But Republicans may direct many of their questions to the counsel to help bolster the President's case while Democrats may direct many of their questions to the House managers to help bolster theirs. Sekulow also sought to undermine the credibility of Bolton's book by noting that Attorney General William Barr has disputed comments attributed to him by Bolton.

In a pair of tweets, Trump said he named Bolton as his top security aide even though others told him "don't do it, sir", and fired Bolton because "if I listened to him, we would be in World War Six by now".

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), a key moderate, said that viewing Bolton's manuscript "might be helpful". "Who would do this?"

"I am encouraging the White House, anybody that I can talk to, to say: That manuscript is pertinent and we should get access to that manuscript to see what they're actually saying", Lankford said in a Facebook video.

Told that was a serious charge to level against a former Trump adviser, Giuliani replied, "It's not serious".

Trump's defense team finished making its case on Tuesday, after defending the president against charges that he abused his power and obstructed a congressional investigation related to his dealings with Ukraine a year ago.

He insisted he "NEVER" told John Bolton the military aid was tied to getting dirt form Ukraine on his domestic political rivals.

But Graham, one of Trump's strongest defenders in the Senate, also threatened to make Democrats pay a price if they are determined to call Bolton.

John Kelly believes Bolton, but do Republican U.S. Senators and will voters in November?

"Being afraid to put anybody [on the witness list] who might have pertinent information is wrong, no matter if you're a Democrat or a Republican", Manchin said on MSNBC.

The Columbus Dispatch also reported on January 7 that Portman said he was open to calling witnesses in the trial, but wanted to wait to decide until opening statements were finished. He was trailed by TV cameras, photographers and sign-toting demonstrators.

Parnas stopped by Democratic Leader Schumer's office to pick up tickets to the trial. Parnas, who has been indicted in NY for alleged campaign finance violations, won't be in the gallery because he's wearing a Global Positioning System monitoring device as part of his pretrial release.

Parnas indicated he would be willing to testify in the trial, adding, "The president knew everything that was going on with Ukraine".

The questions during the trial will alternate between Republican and Democratic senators.

Amid uncertainty over the question of whether to call witnesses in President Donald Trump's Senate impeachment trial, his legal team wrapped up its opening arguments on Tuesday with an appeal for a quick acquittal.

The questions can be directed at either the Democratic House prosecutors or Trump's legal team, and will take up to eight hours a day over Wednesday and Thursday.

The final decision on witnesses may hinge on a few undecided Republican senators. Trump did not mention Bolton by name in the tweets.

Hunter Biden had worked for a Ukrainian energy company when his father was vice president. Praising Trump's lawyers, Senator John Cornyn said the House managers made the mistake of allotting time to each of the managers.

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