It's Bell Let's Talk Day

It's Bell Let's Talk Day

It's Bell Let's Talk Day

A campaign that began a new conversation about Canada's mental health.

Those pillars are anti-stigma, care and access, research and workplace health.

More information about Bell Let's Talk Day can be found online here.

On Twitter, each tweet and retweet using #BellLetsTalk.

When asked by CTV News why she attended this event, Victoria Barroso, a Western student, says, "Because Bell Let's Talk is a really import event for university students especially".

Bell Let's Talk Day
“Mental Health: Every Action Counts”, Wednesday is Bell Let's Talk Day

The province's announcement comes just one day before the 10th annual Bell Let's Talk day.

Every text sent by a Bell Mobility customer will raise money as well, so iPhone users should turn off iMessage for the day and don't use outside apps like Messenger or WhatsApp.

All day Canadians can participate in fundraising and raising awareness with a text, tweet, or through a variety of other social media interactions.

More than two million Canadians aged 15 and over had a mental health issue in 2017, according to a survey released Wednesday morning by Statistics Canada.

Let's Talk Day encourages people to share social media posts - on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube - and express support for mental health. "Together, we will build a mental health and addictions system that meets the needs of each person in Ontario because every action counts".

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